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Guan Yin Speaks. No News? Whaaat?

"Good morning! This is Guan Yin.

There are suggestions and wisdom being shared a lot now, to


"Put down the phone! Turn off the computer! Stop watching the news!"

Not a bad idea, but let's look deeply into what that means.


One of the reasons that events and situations become instantly polarized is that word, Instantly.

Every possible idea, opinion, falsehood and truth are exploded out onto the television or the internet, instantly and continuously. Turning all of that off might indeed be a lifesaving act.

One might say,

"What if a flood is coming to my town?"


It doesn't hurt to be aware of what is taking place in your neighborhood. Of course not. Pay attention.

"What if a nuclear warhead is headed my way?"


If that is the case it doesn't matter greatly if you know about it or not. Hopefully you are

"Right with God"

as the saying goes, and have done your spiritual work.


The mechanics of instant information, internet, tv, social media are a delicious gift offered up on a plate for the dark side. Such an effective weapon for those who sow falsehood, separateness, and violence.


What I am talking about is the great toxic overload of information that can batter you continuously right now. It affects your energy field, your inner life, your outer experience in an extremely negative way. It can create karma for you that you would not have had otherwise. Then there are video games and many movies, that violence sets up a resonance within that will either out picture in some way, or attract its like to those who watch. They create isolation, and separateness from others in a profoundly negative way.


Stop and think a moment. Turn off all electronics, except how you are viewing this writing. What in your actual real-life physical experience is affecting you right now, in this instant? Look around you 360 degrees. What do you perceive?


In what way is the suffering of the Afghan people, the cruelties to animals, the inequities to people of other races, the destruction of the natural world, impacting your reality in the present moment?

How do you know of these things? How do you know for certain that anything that you see and read is true? I do not minimize suffering, of course great suffering takes place on the earth right now. You do not help by aligning with it, but by being better in yourself. Become a healer and go out there and do it, if that is what calls you.

You may say,

"But I need to know of these things so that I can pray about them, or send money or food!"

Be honest. Humans "need" to know of these things for various reasons and motivations, some elevated, some not.


Back to the present moment. You might say,

"Ok. I'll turn it all off. I'll read a book."


There are certainly books of great power and high frequency, choose wisely. But remember this, everything you read is written by someone else, and creates pictures for you. Use discernment. All fingers point to the same moon, as the saying goes. Nothing on the earth plane is pure. There again, you say,

"But the Bible! The Koran! The great sutras! The Talmud! Are they not pure and perfect?"


The Heart Sutra, Tao de Jing, maybe. Very deep wisdom there. All is subject to interpretation and distortion. The Bible has been taken apart and put back together so many time by so many people and cultures that it bears little resemblance to the original intention. The Koran likewise can be a source of wisdom and guidance, and also as a bludgeon to punish with. Any writing, no matter how pure, can be bent to a less pure purpose.


When you are experiencing incarnation here on the Earth, you have one source of purity and truth, and that is your own soul. This can only be accessed through stillness and humility. If you are fortunate, you find a great teacher of high soul standing to guide you. You are not going to get that elevated and pristine consciousness teaching on the evening news or cruising social media.


Get real, be real, be still. At least for a little while, stop listening to the illusion world and start hearing the prompts of your own Divine inner voice. It might be very quiet for a while, but it will come. Call on me. Call on any of the great Buddhas and Saints. Consider that there is another dimension of light that is your true being-ness.

Anchor yourself in Divine Presence. Let the world events swirl around you and simply observe. Give love. This is not always easy, the outer world wants your attention and will throw anything and everything at you.

Be Brave. Be persistent. Be spiritually mature. You can do it.

That is all. I love you."

This teaching is expressed through Kristin Strachan, Guan Yin Lineage Holder, student of Master Zhi Gang Sha, spiritual practitioner in Colorado. She is deeply and humbly thankful.


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