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Kuan Yin Speaks. Bubble that...

"​Good morning! This is Kuan Yin.

T​he being through whom these teachings express will post a quote from a powerful soul on your planet.


"​The following excerpt is from a writing from Trevor Noah, a comedian, author, and social commentator with profound insights, and often a very funny way of conveying them. He was born and raised in South Africa as the son of a black woman and a white Swiss man, and saw a great deal of racism up close and personal.


“I was really lucky growing up, because my mom is probably the most gangster human being you’ll ever meet in your life. Nothing got to her. Nothing fazed her. I remember one day in particular, walking through the streets together. And some guy across the road shouted something really mean at us. And I was about four or five years old and I turned and looked at my mom and I said,

‘Mommy, what do we do if people do the racism to us?’

My mom said,

‘Baby, you know what we do if somebody’s racist? We take that racism of theirs, and we shake it up with the love of Jesus. And then we send it back.’ "


R​eturn to beloved Kuan Yin.

T​here is enormous power and truth in this writing, and you can do some version of it for yourself.

N​umber one is to have an open heart that doesn't grasp on to negativities and hurts, and hold them, but let them flow through.

A​nything that you internalize and feed with your attention will grow and bloom, whether it be positive or negative.


T​he above story intimates that anything can be transformed with love. This is absolutely correct. The love of Jesus is perfect, the love of Buddha, the love of the Divine Tao Source is perfect, my Bodhisattva love is perfect for the job.


T​he secret is to catch negativities and upsets before they can get a foothold in you. The requires some discipline about actually watching your thoughts and emotions as they come up, because it is truly all an inside job. As another great teacher, Mary Baker Eddy, said,

"​Stand guard always at the portal of your mind."

B​e vigilant.

T​hen form a habit of transformation. Try this.


S​ay for instance you perceive that a work mate or family member is being cold and distant with you. You feel hurt and angry. See the entire situation condensed into a picture orb in your hands. Really look at it, all beings involved, and your own reactions to it.

N​ow take a deep breath, invite and see light pouring to the orb from the Source, from the Mother Earth, and all universes. See everything and everyone in the orb becoming filled with and transformed by the light. When all you see is light, lift your hands up to Heaven, and let the orb go. Say,

"Bubble that!"

S​ee it floating away from you, harmless and radiant. You have blessed yourself and those other souls greatly.

Feel the quietness and relief that floods you, even if it's only for a few moments. You can cultivate that peace and lightness!


T​his can take a few seconds, or much longer, as you like. You are more likely to form a habit with smaller time frames, at first anyway.

T​his practice can form pathways of behaviors and actions that will liberate you in many way. Shake it up with the love and light of the Divine Tao Source, and send it back.

B​ubble that!

T​hat is all,

I love you."


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