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Tao Hands

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Today receive one Tao Hands blessing free. Come feel the power of Tao Hands to reveal wholeness, to bring peace and remove blockages.  Email me at: or text me at 303 502 7744.

Tao Hands blessing honor fee is established by spiritual reading.

What is Tao Hands?

"Tao Hands is a unique spiritual transmission that enables practitioners to give blessings for many aspects of life. Tao Hands bring Tao essence to the recipient and the request, which carries the high frequency and vibration of Tao Love, Light, Forgiveness, Compassion and more. This can transform and change the message in the recipient’s soul, heart, mind, and body which opens the way for change. Tao Hands Practitioners can give blessings to themselves, loved ones, friends, pets, clients, businesses, organizations, and more. One must understand how to apply Tao Hands appropriately and follow the guidance for Tao Hands Blessings, which is why training and certification are required."

Is Tao Hands compatible with other modalities?

"Yes, Tao Hands blessings are completely supportive and complimentary to any other modality, including western medicine. Tao Hands can facilitate and collaborate with other healing modalities and will only add value to any endeavor."

The above explanations comes from the Tao Academy description of Tao Hands.

I am most blessed to have been trained and certified to be a Tao Hands practitioner.  This blessing has powerful and sometimes immediate action to transform and harmonize just about anything.

At this time Tao Hands has several levels of frequency and light. I am very thankful that I am able to offer all levels of Tao Hands, as appropriate.  Tao Hands can be delivered in person or remotely.  One of the many wonderful things about energy modalities is that they are just as powerful either way!

My teacher and spiritual Father, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, teaches that often physical, mental, spiritual and emotional difficulties and challenges didn't happen overnight, and sometimes the transformation to wholeness doesn't either.  There can be deeper Soul, Mind and Body blockages that we don't know about.

I have found that positive results can come immediately, or may take a period of time and repeated applications.

With that in mind, I offer Tao Hands blessing at the appropriate level, the honor fee is by Divine Guidance.


May this great gift from the Divine be a blessing to you!


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