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Give yourself permission to...just be


N​ot Kuan Yin today, just me.

I​ have a very interesting, and also often jam packed life.

I work a 40-50 hour week delivering for Fedex in the mountains of Colorado, which keeps me fit, but is often a serious stretch for a 70 year old body. Refrigerators, tractor tires, furniture, ridiculously heavy boxes of dog food, mattresses, you name it. This also gives me a perfect space to do an intensive spiritual practice which I do all day, every day. I am able to reach out to people and animals that I encounter with the fruits of that practice, love, light, and healing energy. It's awesome.

I am blessed to have a beautiful marriage, house, home, dogs, child and grandchildren.

H​onestly my main focus is the teachings and practices of my spiritual Father and teacher, Master Zhi Gang Sha. This lovely man is a great teacher, healer, master Calligrapher and much more, a true enlightened being among us who has come to serve mankind and the Mother Earth. For his dedicated students and followers, it is a 24/7 discipline of learning, practice, teaching, and service to others. This is awesome too.

I enjoy every minute of it, but now and then the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual tank feels low on gas, and we find a way to take some days up in the hills at a cabin someplace.

R​ecently we took three days and our two dogs to a place up outside of Walden Colorado, a wildlife rehabilitation and nature preserve that rents cabins to help support the work they do. It is called 22 West. The cabin we were in was a little A-frame, very rustic and remote, just what was needed. Below is the view from the front porch, an ever-changing vista of land and cloudscape. It is so quiet you can feel the silence reverberating in your ears. Then the hummers come to feed, and it's kamikaze bird time.

I​ did as much absolutely nothing as possible, a little hiking with the dogs, eating, and at least three times a day flung myself down on the lower bunk and slept. Slept, and slept, and slept. I could have studied, or spent longer time in meditation, but found that the stillness of the place was meditation enough.

T​he feeling that I remember about this was,

"​It is ok for me to rest. I give myself permission to just be. There is nothing I have to do, nowhere else I have to be. No one needs anything or expects anything of me at this time."


W​hat an incredible relief is that! The sense that we have to be doing something, or that someone wants us to be doing something is one burden of mankind.

W​e on the service spiritual journey are called upon, a great deal, to share our gifts. It's important to know when to pause and breathe. It's ok to just be.


I​n a space like this it is possible to explore the wonderful teachings of Eckhart Tolle about present moment awareness. The mind is so subtle, and so dedicated to making sure that we are either in the past or the future, that we barely spend any time in the "Now". We may think we do, but there's always something poking, itching, pushing, on the verge of or in full cry of mortal ego thinking.


Y​ou'd like to think that the meditation journey is one of peace and serenity, but one of Master Sha's teachers, Allan Chuck, said recently,


"​Transforming mortal thinking is full out warfare all the time."


T​he ego is deadly serious about being in charge, and good at it.

The ego understands that which we do not, that present moment awareness is another dimension unto itself. A vibrant space of possibility and probability radiating out in all directions, a place of true power and unity with one's soul.


T​ake 5 minutes to really be in that space, see that the colors are deeper and alive. Sounds feel three dimensional, nothing is judged. Only observed. Think of it like driving a car. When you are in gear you are in that flat drab wallpaper of future and past. When you are in neutral, everything that matters is alive and moving.


T​he moment now is like a great unexplored Universe of treasures in a constant state of manifestation, taking form and going back again. It is so profound and miraculous, so juicy and flavorful.

I​'m going to do everything I can to have my existence in that glorious space, even as I go back to that very active life.

I​ bless that you too, can explore the mystery and miracle of...NOW.


K​ristin Strachan, student of Master Zhi Gang Sha, Kuan Yin Lineage Holder, teacher and spiritual practitioner in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. I am blessed past comprehension. Thank you my spiritual father, Master Sha.

H​ere is a listing of part of what is available from Master Sha right now, much of it free of charge. The body of his work is so large, this is a sampling. Try Push the Button! Beautiful animations and powerful healing energies and sounds.

T​he water bottle will bless your water in a high energy and frequency way! Tao water is a miracle of what can bring wholeness.


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