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Compassionate Heart Wellness Services                    for Animals

dachshund Pippin

I am delighted to offer wholeness events from time to time and will update this page as appropriate.  I am also a traveling practitioner and am happy to come to you within reasonable distances at a small additional fee. All blessings are equally powerful whether given in person or remotely.

The Animals in our care are often our dearest friends and companions.  They offer us countless blessings of love and happiness.  When they don't feel well it can be challenging, since they speak to us in ways that are so quiet.  One of the great benefits of a Tao Hands Blessing blessing or other modality is that it comes from God, and knows where to go, simply pouring through the one offering the blessing and bringing wholeness where it is possible.  Like all beings on this planet, animals bring their own issues to the party, and we must accept that sometimes there are reasons for their pain that we cannot know.

That said, no blessing is ever wasted!  When we call upon the Divine, and offer blessing from an open and sincere heart, only good can come from it, often in a miraculous way.

It is my joy to offer Tao Hands blessing to all who ask.


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