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Guan Yin speaks. Day 9, one with all stars

“This is Guan Yin. I love you.

The image selected for this writing is called the Horsehead Nebula, a smallish nebula in the Orion constellation. The nebula itself is there at the center of the picture. It is, according to those who measure, 3 light years by 4 light years tall and wide. Stars are born there. Can you get the enormity of the scale? Scientists, Spiritual teachers, and others tell us, that there are countless upon countless universes, planets, stars out into infinity. It is difficult for the mortal mind to assimilate this. Do you remember as a child when the concept of infinity was presented to you, and how it made you feel?

We can feel either insignificant and intimidated, or exalted, wide-eyed with wonder at what this means.

When souls incarnate on earth and are born, they still have this apprehension of boundless infinity, look into an infant’s eyes and see the universe there. The mundane-ness of incarnated life soon enough causes that to fall into the experience of “the bitter sea.” Humans develop tunnel vision, looking only at what is in front of their mortal eyes, forgetting their real home, the everlasting oneness of Divine reality.

Think of it as looking through a tiny little pair of glasses, and all you can see is through those lenses. It’s like a movie screen of images, color, events, emotions. The entirety of the being is concentrated on that one little speck, while the enormous potentiality of the being is ignored, forgotten. That’s part of the great Divine play of course, the awesome adventure of remembering who you are.

Here is a practice for you.

Become still, close your eyes, breathe deeply of light, fill your body with light. Place your awareness in your lower abdomen and consciously stop thinking. If thoughts come in, let them pass like clouds, let them go.

Consciously remove the little tiny eye-glasses of the mortal movie, and in your mind, look down. See that you are sitting in the living heart of Mother Earth. Feel the love of the Mother until your heart is one with this Earth heart. Breathe.

Expand your awareness to the outer wrapping of the planet, see the living heart of every tree, every flower, every body of water, every animal, every human.

Further stretch your awareness to encompass the solar system, see the planets revolving around you.

Look with your spiritual eyes in all directions and see an infinity of stars radiating a living light, colors of such beauty and luminosity that you could weep trying to take it all in at once. See the stately march of the infinity of all universes. Realize with a deep conviction that you are connected with all of it, that your being is within every star, every atom, every beam of light anywhere and everywhere. Stay a while.

Slowly bring your awareness back, little by little, from the outer edges of all possibility, come back to the earth, offer love to your Earth Mother. All that light pouring now into your lower abdomen, radiating like a million noon day diamond light suns. Rest in that light for a while, settle the light, and come back into the dream world you have chosen.

How do you feel? Can you do this often? Can you see who you are, just a little more now?

In this exalted state of star-ness, can you reach out more easily to others, to serve them? To listen? To offer healing? All souls on Mother Earth need our light, it is our duty.

You are stars. Take off the tiny little glasses and live a bigger thing.

That is all. I love you.”

Flowed through Kristin Strachan. Guan Yin Lineage holder, teacher, student of Master Zhi Gang Sha, spiritual practitioner in Colorado.


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