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Guan Yin Speaks. Day 22. The farmer and the silly geese

“Greetings. This is Guan Yin.

There is a wonderful story that tells the tale of a farmer, a big storm, and a flock of geese.

The farmer knew the storm was coming, could see the big dark clouds building, and the wind beginning to blow. The trees bent, and leaves flew. He went out to round up his flock of geese, so they wouldn’t be frightened or injured by the wild weather. The creatures also knew the storm was coming, but were already scared and running around flapping their wings and honking. They hollered their honking so noisily to each other, that they couldn’t hear anything else. They wouldn’t listen to the man, and paid no attention to his efforts to head them to the open barn door and safety.

He took off his hat, and scratched his head for a moment, and then thought,

“I will transform to a shape they understand, to a language they can hear.”

So he did. The farmer closed his eyes and concentrated. In a few moments he had changed his shape to that of a big goose! He spoke goose language to them. With commanding honks he got the attention of the geese, and told them that to be safe from the storm they must follow him into the barn. The birds quieted, and followed the farmer into the dark quiet barn. He resumed his human form, closed the door behind them, and all was well.


I’m sure you see the analogy. The original intention of this story was to suggest that the farmer was Beloved Jesus, who transformed from his elevated spiritual light body being to a human form, so that he would be perceived and understood, and could heal and teach in this way. You may be sure that this has happened countless times on this planet, and is happening now. Master Sha and many other highly evolved spiritual beings have stepped down their celestial energy and frequency so that you can see and understand them.

The storm is coming, is already here in fact, and humans are quacking and honking so loudly they can barely hear anything but their own panic and rage.

The holy ones can appear as anything, anytime, to guide and protect you. I myself have appeared in millions of shapes to humanity over innumerable lifetimes. You have heard the injunction,

“Be not forgetful to entertain strangers; for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”

It is absolutely the truth, and it is imperative at this time that you pay attention to the signs and wonders that come to you. Which leads me to another story. Yes, saints and Buddhas have a sense of humor. Why not?

There was a man whose house was overtaken by a flooded river. He went higher and higher in the house until he was on the roof, watching helplessly as the churning brown water raced by. He raised his eyes to heaven and cried,

“God, I know you will help me and save me! Please save me!”

After a time some people came by in a boat and motioned him to join them. He waved them off, saying,

“I know that God will save me! I have faith.”

They shrugged and went on.

After another stretch of time, with the water inching ever higher, another bigger boat with firemen and police on board nudged up to the house.

“Come on man, get aboard.”

But our fellow was staunch. He waved them on, hollering,

“My faith is strong! God will save me.”

As the water lapped his toes now, a helicopter appeared in the sky and sent down a rope chair. The man swallowed heavily and gasped,

“God will save me! God will help me.”

The helicopter left. The heaving water surged and swept the man off the roof, closed over his head and drowned him immediately.

This beloved one stood before God in Heaven, dripping and annoyed.

“What happened there God? I had faith in you! I stood my ground that you would save me.”

God sighed patiently, handed the man a towel and said,

“My son, I sent you two boats and a helicopter. You must open your mind to possibility.”


If God sends you a boat, or a big goose that speaks your language, pay attention.

That is all. I love you.”

Flowed through Kristin Strachan. Guan Yin Lineage holder, student of Master Zhi Gang Sha, spiritual practitioner in Colorado.


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