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Guan Yin Speaks. Day 14. Silence is the trapdoor in the ceiling.

“Good morning, this is Guan Yin. Blessings to you.

Sometimes life can feel like one long experience of a dark room. This is the dream of separateness, part of what comes of being born into the yin yang karma world. We are not doomed to stay there though, and it is the activity of self liberation that exercises our spiritual muscles, gives us the strength and clarity of mind to realize our purpose.

On my own long journey, there were lives when I didn’t appear as an enlightened Buddha being. I have had my own dark nights of the soul, my own struggles to the light. Often the above idea and imagery have come to me, finally looking up to realize that the door was there, had always been there.

As we have discussed already, the mortal ego mind has a strong hold on humans, both individually and collectively. When challenged it can retaliate like a wild animal. Just when you think you have it tamed it roars off on some destructive tangent or period of deep unconsciousness. Doubts, fears, anger, mental fogginess, and appetites can darken the path so that you can’t see it anymore. Karma steers the ship, and until you find a way to clear that karma, through personal effort and practice, or the intervention of a master teacher, it is a difficult course to alter. Many have lost their soul journeys in this way, which is a great loss.

There is a place, a refuge from all this though, and that refuge is spiritual silence. The field of silent awareness is actually everywhere, it is the space between. Between words, between sleep and waking, in your present moment. Beneath all the great racket of the world, is silence. One great teacher has said,

“It is the heart of Tao. There are no words there, none are necessary.”

Lao Tze taught,

“Anything that can be used to describe Tao is not Tao.”

There are no words to describe it, you just have to go there and discover what that is for yourself. Present moment silent awareness is magical in its power to bring deep peace, solutions to problems, spiritual maps to show the way. Staying there is the trick. It can be done, it requires dedication and discipline. The beauty of it is that anyone can do it, at any time. You don’t have to have a PHD in quiet.

Here is a practice for you.

Direct your mind to your lower abdomen, use your visualization to form a space for creating. Breathe deeply into this space. A room, a box, a theater. See each wall alive with sights and smells and sounds. Become aware that what you see is like a movie screen, flat and one dimensional. This signifies your mortal dream world experience. With your awareness, reduce the light, the visions that may pass by, the noise, until your breath is all there is. With every breath, the light fades, the visions disappear. In and out, quiet, peaceful, regular. The room is dark, there is no thought, no ideas, no pictures, no words. Rest in this sweet place, there is nowhere to be, nothing to do. No one expects anything of you.

When it feels right, you look up at the ceiling, and see an opening. The most beautiful and living light begins to shine in. It knows you. As you watch, you see an illuminated ladder descend from the opening. Leave everything behind, your body, your mind, your beliefs, and rise up the ladder.

Out into the great field of Source light! Look around, breath in the perfection of the moment. See yourself sitting on my outstretched hand, gazing out at the universe. You are safe. You are timeless, you are perfect. This is what might be called reality, not those shadow forms that were on the walls. Come back gently.

Can you bring the essence of this experience back with you? Of course. You have been free for a stretch of what could be called time, it was an eon, it was a second. It doesn’t matter.

Do that. Be quiet in your life, listen to the spaces between.

That is all. I love you all.”

Flowed through Kristin Strachan. Teacher, student of Master Zhi Gang Sha, spiritual practitioner in Colorado.


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