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Guan Yin Speaks. Day 12, your mind is a snake.

"Greetings. This is Guan Yin.

I offer no disrespect to snakes, they are a useful part of the ecosystem and are often beautiful, as is this fellow in the above picture.

Snakes do, however, share certain traits and qualities that line up with the human mind. They are stealthy, opportunistic and sometimes lethal. They can find their way under, around, and over almost anything. Not to say this is necessarily bad, if this ability is harnessed.

Yes, your mind can kill you. If you live in a continuous fire hose stream of thoughts thoughts thoughts, ever in the future and the past, there can be little growth. If that thought stream is negative and toxic, filled with fear, judgment, and anger, your life-force can shrivel and diminish to the point of physical death. You will be cut off from the ever renewing healing and rejuvenating power of your own Divine nature.

I entirely understand how challenging it is to redirect and in time, stop thought. The human is hardwired to think, to problem solve, plan. We feel entitled to aggrieved thinking. You don't NEED to do that.

Whaaaat? You may say? If I don't plan ahead what will happen! If I don't remember what happened with that guy 10 years ago, I might forget how I was hurt, and somehow he's getting away with it.

Well my dear ones, I will tell you that life works much better when you take your hands off the wheel, and allow that Divine presence which is in you to steer. It is much smarter and more able that your mortal dream self.

It comes down to attention. See how appealing the yellow snake looks? So benign, almost sweet. Like the snake, your mind is just waiting for the rabbit of your inattention to round the corner so it can devour it and go on with its ceaseless chatter.

Ceasing thought is not only difficult, but probably dangerous for your mental health. So let's look at replacement therapy. Really examine your thoughts as often as possible. Most likely you've got a negative mindset, attitude and belief stream going on. Begin several times in the day to stop and look at a thought.

"That idiot should learn to drive."

"Wow, she's gotten a little chubby there..."

"Why don't those people listen to reason? Can't they see that they're being duped?"

And so forth. And so forth, and on and on. Stop now and then and look at one thought, and ask yourself, is this thought kind? Loving? Helpful? Then in that listening moment, ask forgiveness for the harmful thought. Replace that thought with a mantra that you love. Do that until the whole of your being settles and grounds itself, smile. Go on with your day.

What does that do, you ask? Well if you do it a thousand times a day, it starts to add up. You begin to see, to perceive, to feel what your thought life is creating for you. Make no mistake, if you don't create your life, your ego snake mind will do it for you. It is doing that now.

Do a mirror practice. Think,

"Oh God I look fat and old."

See what your face looks like when you say that.

Now look into your own eyes deeply, say,

"My life is God's life, radiant with light, ever young."

See the difference?

What do you want? That is not an aimless question. What DO you want?

The lodestar is coming to a place of no-thought, where your Divine self can shine and direct traffic for you. Time is short. Train your mind. Make a decision, discipline yourself. You will thank yourself.

That is all. I truly love you."

Flowed through Kristin Strachan. Guan Yin Lineage holder, teacher, student of Master Zhi Gang Sha, spiritual practitioner in Colorado.


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