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Guan Yin Speaks. Be quiet and let Tao.

“Greetings! This is Guan Yin speaking.

One of the foremost aspects of human being, is thinking that a person is doing it all by themselves.

Once you believe the dream construct that you are alone, and that your dream persona has any kind of true power, the ship of mortal experience is launched, and you get to have your adventure being a human.


The mortal mind and ego clutch the reins with desperate strength, and will do anything to keep you from rocking that boat and perceiving the truth. The truth is that you are not alone, and you have little individual power, except the power to wreck your own soul journey through wrong thinking and actions. You can of course make the choices to transform your thinking and actions to positive ones and create new habits, but the author Eckhard Tolle is correct when he says that egoic mind is like a toxic parasite that is destroying the earth.

Viewed from the perspective of beingness aligned with Source energy and intelligence, your doors are open when you are in a state of no-thought, and in the realization of Divine presence. They are closed the instant you are thinking, planning, worrying, when your attention is in the future or the past. It is like going from a 3D technicolor movie to a one dimensional black and white movie from the beginning of the 20th century. Your present moment experience is wasted, flat, dead.

Most people have had the experience of transcendent silence at some point in their lives, some vision of nature, piece of music or personal interaction, vivid spiritual realization, that was so beautiful it stopped everything. There it is. That place. Then naming rushes in, and the moment is gone.

This state of being can be our reality, with practice.

Most people also have at least a minimal apprehension that there is something bigger than they are, some supreme consciousness, an overarching presence that knows everything and is all powerful. Everywhere present. Call this God, Tao, Source, there is no describing it, or explaining it, it simply is. Its beauty and light are everywhere, if we take the time to be still and observe. This presence and the presence of Divine beings of light, are completely willing to assist us, and are powerful to do so, if we will let that happen.

This may take tiny steps, but start. Just take one segment of what you call time, 10 seconds, 30, seconds, a minute. Say to yourself,

“Tao, the ultimate, has a plan for me, and I allow that now. I open my heart and accept Divine help.”

Go to a state of no-thought, and feel trust flood in. Like leaning back against the loving heart of a parent, feel the relief of letting Divine do the work. No mortal thing can do it. Know that you are cared for, unconditionally loved, and that when you pry your fingers off the steering wheel for a few moments, real change and blooming is possible.

All great ideas are there! I believe it was Einstein who said,

“All great ideas come from silence.”

You might be 100% on the wrong track and never know it without an occasional course correction from God, stubbornly forging ahead and running into one roadblock after another. There is always a way. Always.

If you do this practice 100 times a day, 1,000 times a day, will it not become your experience? You can walk through the mortal world untouched by present and past, uplifted and encompassed by the Tao.

The great teacher tells us,

“We are far from Tao, but Tao is not far from us.”

What does this mean? It is like the statement,

“God turns to us, as we turn to God.”

Tao, God, Divine, whatever you call it, is what we are made of, but we often do not recognize it. Its part of the dream game of mortality, we are pretending to not be God just for a while, perhaps to feel the overwhelming joy of it when when we wake up again.

Trust. Listen. Be still.

Be quiet, and let Tao.

This teaching was flowed through Kristin Strachan, Guan Yin Lineage holder, student of Master Zhi Gang Sha, teacher, and spiritual practitioner in Colorado.


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