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Guan Yin Speaks. An exuberance of Love.

“Greetings! this is Guan Yin speaking.

Sometimes we take the spiritual journey pretty seriously. This is not to say that it does not require discpline, study, and single-mindedness to make steady upward progress, but there is joy and lightness also.

Those beloveds that guide you on your way, the Buddhas, saints, angels and guides most likely don’t want to see you with

“Your nose to the grindstone”, (terrible imagery…by the way)

but to behave in ways that allow the light to come in. Light will not come if you are constantly ensnared by the monkey mind that never stops. You are in the flowing river of God’s light when you are thought-free, and not engaged in complaining, judging, worrying. Overwork, anger, and appetites close your doors.

Try this practice.

When you begin your practice in the morning, do your usual actions whatever that might be. Light the candle, burn the incense, bow in gratitude, whatever it may be. Then stand and stretch your both arms to the sky, smile, and say,

“I fling wide the doors of my heart to Heaven! To God, the Divine, to the Source. I open all that I am to my teacher, to the light, to my own immortal soul.

I love you!

I love you!

I love you!

I relinquish all my mortal experience and personal selfness so that there may be more room for the Divine, for the Light of Heaven to shine.”

Just stand there for a while, see yourself standing in that pouring light and presence. WIthout losing that sense of exuberant love and surrender, go to your practice. You might find it difficult to stop smiling, so don’t! Sincere smiling is a potent power all in itself.


You’ve heard of the laughing Buddha? Joy is contagious. Look at someone on the bus, in a car, or walking on the street that you can see is fully elsewhere. They might be worrying, reliving some conflict, feeling ill, consumed with anger. Do you see that their color is often gray? That they look 2 dimensional? It is because they are not in their body, they are in the future or the past. Catch yourself in a mirror when you are doing this. Is that the picture you would present to the world?


In your heart offer joy and love to any such being. Remember that feeling of being directly connected to the happiness of Heaven? Bless that to them. Your eyes sparkle, your mouth widens in a loving smile, bless them on their way. At the soul level this blessing is received. If you carry this energy mindfully you will see that people will automatically smile at you, without knowing why. They recognize your joy.

In the past some beings have thought to gain Heaven by punishing the body, hair shirts, scourging, constant physical suffering. This is needless. Celebrate the energy field of light that is your current body! Feeling bad or guilty about it serves nothing, and is a stumbling block. Love your body. Dance it. You cannot restore the body to health by speaking negatively to it, or about it.

Dance, sing, love, be joy.

That is all.

I love you.”


This teaching was flowed through Kristin Strachan, Guan Yin Lineage Holder, student of Master Zhi Gang Sha, teacher and spiritual practitioner in Colorado.


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