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Buddhas, Saints, and physics

In my discipline, we are asked to take some time in the morning to show deep humility, gratitude and love to the holy beings that shine their light on our paths. It is called 10,000 bow downs, signifying countless bow downs. Westerners generally don't resonate with such a thing as bowing to anyone, but I know that I have had many lifetimes as a Buddhist monk, and it comes easily to me.

It's a great relief to relinquish that stiff-necked, rugged individualism of western civilization, with its illusion of control. It's an attitude that separates us from our good, and has caused significant harm. When the poo hits the fan it's good to know there are an infinity of Divine Beings that know more than we do, are willing to help us, and acknowledge us when we surrender to their wisdom and power.