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I AM, prove it.

There is a book called “power vs force” by Dr. David Hawkins (Not Hawking) that explores levels of consciousness, and calibrates them. 200 is the tipping point for self awareness, Jesus is a thousand, Saddam Hussein was an 86. Beings can only act out of the level of consciousness where they are.

I am blessed to have the most precious teacher, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, who has taught me great lessons, and also offered blessings to raise the frequency of my consciousness. Many spiritual disciplines seek to do this. So it’s entirely possible to accomplish that, though it takes time and discipline.

Dr. Hawkins also teaches that,

“all consciousness is innocent.”

That is, all that is the pure awareness, the consciousness of the Divine that we are all an expression of, is pure. The layers and layers of programming and karma that are laid on us is NOT who we are. We are all that pure and innocent consciousness of God.

Is it possible to look at the worst villain, murderer, torturer, wrongdoer, bad leader, and even for an instant see that light? Everything that is not that, is dream state. Illusion. It’s a good solid illusion for sure, but it is not who we are. Or who “they” are. There is no they. There is no them. There is only I AM.

That is the basis of Ho’oponopono forgiveness, I’m sorry for everything, because I am responsible for everything. Because I am one with all. I am thankful for everything because I am everything. This is where the rubber meets the road on that whole, “All is one” thing, can we say we truly believe it and bring it to our outer experience? Prove it?

For any of us to prove anything, it must be a reality in our experience, we must believe that it’s true. We are entirely hard-wired, we humans, to believe that we are separate. It must be part of the agreement that we sign to come here, we must forget who we really are and come to the earth to learn lessons and pay debts.

I have often had the analogy of the holodeck in my mind, when it comes to this. I don’t know if you remember, but the holodeck was a leisure activity device that was often featured in one of the Star Trek series.

The crew members could program the desired experience and go into the device to go play in some alternative reality, temporarily forgetting that they were actually on a spaceship hurtling through space. It was very entertaining, and many great adventures were had. Of course trouble always came of it, but that’s the usual sci-fi plot twisting.

Then there’s the ultimate “be unconscious and fairly happy with it” film, the Matrix. That film is much more important and probably closer to the truth than most people know.

I think we prove it, by experiencing the life perspective of another being. I was inspired to create a technique called

“There I go as…”

Easy enough, and pretty self-explanatory. With intention and mindfulness, you look at another human, animal, object, something in nature, move into it and say, “There I go as…” A tree. A truck driver, a child, a dog, a dictator, a planet. It’s easiest with people, because we are people and at some level can relate with almost anyone. We must be willing to allow the experience. Always do a protection practice, surround yourself with light, call on your angels. Ask permission of the soul of that being. Move your conscious awareness behind the eyes of the being, and look out. Feel the energy and possible emotions of that being. It can be very vivid.

Suddenly you realize that the deadpan expression of a mother shopping at the grocery store covers a swirl of hidden rage and anxiety. You feel it, because just for a moment, you are it. Children mostly don’t really show what they’re feeling inside, because they don’t know how to express it, or are afraid to. There, that child there walking home from school, head bent over his phone, might live in a continuous state of panic because of bullying or a tormenting father. Can you sense what that might feel like? If we really got it we would be in a constant state of offering compassion to just about everyone we encounter. Everyone has something going on. Or not, sometimes it might just be very quiet in there.

Of course there’s the converse, see the old man walking in the park, hands behind his back just looking, a smile on his face. Moving behind his eyes, can you feel the peace of a life well lived? Dignity? Joyful memories?

What does a tree see? Reaching slow intention up to the sky, the sun, the stars, and down into the earth, great tree heart being so so slowly. Feeling the pure, wordless love and communications of it’s fellow trees.

The point is, if we are to prove I AM, as the true reality about everything, then we must BE everything. Be a taco. A hundred dollar bill. A racist ranter. A violin. Ooooo, can you just feel what it would be like to be a violin? Or a tuba?

Warning to be sure, be careful that this does not lead to dark paths. Be careful, delicate. If you don’t feel mentally or emotionally strong, don’t do it at all. If we explore too closely the evils and hardships of the world, we can get sucked into that energy and start to despair. The excavating of possible harms that we have caused others that have created painful karma is maybe necessary to be able to ask forgiveness for it, certainly. But don’t live there.

That’s another subject, how to empathize and offer healing and compassion without having the pain of the living things on this planet break our hearts utterly. We cannot help so well if we so embody suffering that we can’t move. Acknowledge, but don’t align with it.

This practice should humble and soften us, enable us to be kinder. It can also be a wonderful, utterly involving way to engage and be a blessing to our fellow travelers here on earth. Of course there is only the one. I AM.

Kristin Strachan

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