The Healing Arts and Science

The healing arts began when humans did, when the hunter-gatherers started nibbling on plants to see if they were edible or not. They found out what made them feel sick or feel better by consuming minute amounts of vegetation; roots, leaves, fungi, bark, berries and water plants.

Those prehistoric beings didn't have a handy clinic or ER to run to when trampled by a musk ox or laid out with food poisoning or snake bite, and were in much closer touch with nature and with the unseen than we are as a society today. I would bet that they had a pretty good working knowledge of the power of hands-on healing, and plant medicine. Those that grasped that power and used it, became the shamans and earth mothers that the tribe went to when sick or injured.

All of this has bloomed into an enormous field of healing possibilities. We all know about Western Medicine, which certainly has its place. My blood pressure is thankful for it. If I sail off a cliff, or have a car accident I'm all for a competent ER.

"Alternative medicine" is a wide offering of energetic, spiritual, and nutritional healing modalities that approach disease and injury from other perspectives.

Acupuncture Prayer

Ayurveda Traditional Chinese Medicine

Yoga Tai Chi

Meditation Qi Gong

Salt rooms Chiropractic

Shiatsu Crystal therapy

Hypnosis Herbalism

Vipassana Massage

The list is long.

Chinese Calligraphy as a meditation and healing modality is ancient, and gaining traction again. In fact Chinese Medicine, with it's emphasis on clearing energetic blockages, is probably a lot closer to understanding the root cause of disease than western disciplines will ever be. I watch with fascination the renewed interest in treating mental disorders with LSD and other psychedelics. The effectiveness of a lot of alternative healing is often less immediately visible, and requires some practice and legwork on the part of the recipient.

Belief is right at the base of all types of healing arts, whether it be Western Medicine or otherwise.

My own journey as a healer began with being raised in Christian Science, a mind healing based religion founded by Mary Baker Eddy back in the late 1800s. It was a no-nonsense, spartan sort of spiritual discipline that gave me a firm foundation and faith in the great power of the mind to heal.

I have studied numerous great metaphysicians of the 20th century, and have found a common thread of the power of the mind, of Love, and of the Divine as the way to true wholeness.

"Healing takes time. Despite great advances in medicine, the biggest part of your recovery is attributable to the enormous healing power inside you."

Criswell Freeman