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My Magic Calligraphy Book

I love to do an active technique of meditation called Tao Calligraphy tracing. I have been blessed to receive a large original Tao Calligraphy that was created for me by Master Carol Liu. Master Carol is a direct Tao Calligraphy lineage holder, and the only one so far, of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. Master Sha is a Tao Calligraphy grand master and teacher in the style of single stroke, or Yi Bi Zi Chinese calligraphy.

Calligraphy is an ancient art, practiced in many cultures throughout the centuries. This Chinese style of Yi Bi Zi Calligraphy art is being taught now by Master Sha, as a powerful practice to bless our soul journey and bring wholeness. Tao Calligraphy carries high energy, frequency and light.

Tracing it with our fingers, or even a whole body tracing practice can raise our own frequency and light, assist us to experience peace, open our hearts and be a blessing to others.

When trained, we can practice drawing the Calligraphies ourselves, which is even more powerful. I am in that learning process.

My Calligraphy is called "Da Guang Ming", or "Greatest Light." It has a presence and power that is palpable when you enter my meditation room, and an almost electrical charge when lightly touched. One way that I practice with Da Guang Ming Calligraphy is to stand before it, close my eyes, and trace the Calligraphy from memory with what is called the "Dan", the golden light that radiates in our 1st chakra area. This is our foundational energy area, and moving the Dan in an intentional way can move Qi, or energy all through our body. This brings light and clears energetic blockages that have caused problems in not only our physical body, but our emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies as well.

"Tao Calligraphy is an art. Oneness writing. One Qi from beginning to end."

Master Sha

All this leads to the magic book. I sometimes have interesting images come up when meditating, especially in this way. Yesterday I had gotten deeply into the meditation and saw myself standing in the center of a beautiful, illuminated book, which I understood symbolized my life experience. When I was without thought of any kind, I remained standing in the center of the open book, filled with and surrounded by the most beautiful light, almost dancing the Calligraphy characters. I was chanting Da Guang Ming as a mantra. If a thought came into my mind that took me to the past or the future, and pretty nearly every thought can do that, the light would fade and I would find myself on another page of the book, flat and dark. The instant I brought myself back to the no-thought present, tracing, I was back in the lighted center. It's like one of those wonderful pop-up books written for children, I would spring right back up, lit up, centered in the moment.

Apparently one of the single most difficult tasks for humans to do is to be in the present moment, with the mad monkey mind and ego quiet. My teacher tells us not to try to entirely still our mind, at our level of spiritual journey anyway, that trying to force the mind to be empty can actually damage us. That's where chanting a high level mantra of some kind can fill that void where senseless thought was, and bring our energy and frequency higher. Tracing and chanting together brings us to a place of true bliss.

It can be any higher frequency chanting, you could chant Jesus loves me, or Krishna blesses me and it would do the same thing. All words have frequency and power. Watch carefully what come out of your mouth.

I know that I have mentioned Eckhart Tolle often, he is a phenomenal teacher of present moment awareness. He's got it right, and his experiences and teachings are incredibly valuable. He gives many retreats and courses, but always comes back to the same thing, find a way to be here now. Thank you Ram Dass. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Tolle's book, "The Power of Now", or any of his writings. His chapter on relationships in that book should be required reading in school.

The ego mind will do anything to keep you from living in the now, because it knows it has no power there. That's where all the magic is, Now. It's truly all you've got. Like the flat dark pages of the book, if you spend thought in the past and future, your light fades. If there is such a thing as a tragedy, that would be it, that the immense field of possibility and living presence is right there within us, and we look away almost continuously.

I've heard it said that God looks at us as we look at God. Look at the light, the light looks at you. Open your heart to Love, Love radiates back to you.

Take a little vacay from the noise of the outer experience now and then, more and more often, and explore the incredible joy of simply being. It feels like..."Ahhhhh. I remember you! you are so beautiful. Let's do this more often."

To learn more about Tao Calligraphy and how to experience it, go to or visit me at

Yours in light,

Kristin Strachan, Tao Hands, Tao Calligraphy, Guan Yin Lineage

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