About that sparrow thing...

One of the many things I love about the spiritual discipline that I follow, led by the transformational teacher, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, is that it's so entirely tolerant of all teachings and beings. Master Sha teaches that the high beings of light, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Guan Yin Compassion Buddha, all the saints, angels and more, all not only know about each other, but support and join with each other to aid us here on mother Earth, and in all universes. Why not? The notion of toxic exclusivity, "My God is the sole God, everything else is false, and I can attack you if you do not agree", is fast disappearing in the rear view mirror. One hopes, anyway.

In that spirit, that great wisdom is available to us from countless streams of Divine Intelligence, I present a thought that comes to me from a writing in the Bible.

"Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows" (Matthew 10:29–31).

When I was a church soloist, I occasionally sang the beautiful old hymn,

"His Eye Is on the Sparrow"

(A Gospel hymn written in 1905 by lyricist Civilla D. Martin and composer Charles H. Gabriel.)

It is such a comforting notion, that God knows about us and watches over us. Humans often stop right there, though, without digging in to what that might actually mean. I think it's possible that when we incarnate into human form there's a sort of default setting that activates when we are born, or perhaps gradually as we move into our bodies and environment. This causes us to forget that we came from the one Infinite Divine Source, projected here to experience mortal life and to learn our lessons, whatever they may be. We forget that we are eternally connected to that one Source of all life.

Dr. Ernest Holmes wrote:

"There is one life, that life is perfect, that life is God's life, and that life is my life now."

This phrase was my mantra for years, before I truly knew what a mantra was. It always gave me a sense of indwelling company. Good company. This great thinker and metaphysician also said,

"The conscious awareness of the Divine Presence with us and within us, enables us to carry out anything we set our minds to do."

I think one of the steps to true spiritual victory is to wake up from the notion that we are somehow separate from the Divine. People read that text, and sing the song, and think, "How lovely. God takes care of the little bird, and watches over me." I would like to take that further and say, God watches THROUGH me. God watches AS me. We look out over God's creation and think, "God made all that." Without grasping that God is all that. Ok, we get that, then, "Except for me of course. I'm not God." I often wonder if God rolls his eyes and thinks, "Geez. What do I have to do."

If we could for even a moment get that it's all one great cosmic creation of light, intelligence, and energy that flows through everything and everyone, we would see that it's impossible for us to cause harm to any living thing without causing equal harm to ourselves.

The dream of mortal experience seems very powerful, our ego minds and world mind consciousness reinforce this power until it's all we see. Factor in the color and sound circus of television, news, social media and our smartphones, and it's difficult to pull our attention away from that and go in where it's quiet. Not impossible though, not at all.

I bet you're thinking that I'm going to recommend meditation. Ha ha! Nope. Meditation is valuable in so many ways to the body, heart, mind and spirit. But unless you are a dedicated meditator that can do that for hours and hours, that leaves 23-ish hours in a day where our wild horse mind and ego go their happy way.

Master Sha teaches,