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The subconscious mind is a pirate ship

The subconscious mind is a pirate ship. It creates storms and havoc on the serene and waveless pristine surface of your true Divine consciousness. The subconscious mind is a separate entity, made up of elements of the great collective human consciousness, race mind consciousness, the consciousness of every incarnation you ever had or any being ever had. It is vast, fathomless, endless. There is no bottom to it. It's pirates like things the way they are, and will resist every effort you make to change your life experience at the outer level. Have you noticed that no matter what you try, meditation, mantras, affirmations, interventions and on and on, some situations stay firmly in place? I surely have.

To be sure, karma plays an integral part of what is happening when things don't move. If you accept the concept of karma in any form, you know that what you do, think, and say, will come back to you in some way. Arch this system over what may be thousands of lives, including the lives of your ancestors and that's a LOT of karma.

Master Zhi Gang Sha teaches,

"Karma is the root cause of all success and failure."

another way to say it is a Chinese proverb,

"An ancestor plants the tree, the children enjoy the shade."

From the Bible,

"The sins of the fathers are visited upon the heads of the children."

The influences of karma are so enormous and all pervasive that the mind veers away. "I couldn't have hurt people that way! I'm a good person. It's those other people." And we point the finger away from ourselves, failing to take responsibility for what takes place in our lives. It is a human reaction, understandable, but not helpful in the soul journey. We might look at a person in this lifetime that has millions of dollars, money just flows to them. "Why them? They don't seem so special!" Well, they might have done selfless service for hundreds of lifetimes that has culminated in a lifetime of seemingly effortless abundance and ease.

Between the entrenched negative thought patterns and programming of the subconscious mind and karma it is possible to stay mired in a repetitive cycle of unconscious behaviors, life after life, after life. This sounds daunting, but there is hope! There are spiritual and everyday practices that we can do that will gradually raise our frequency and light, and bring us to powerful levels of wholeness and awareness.


Number one on the hit parade is a good, solid, sincere forgiveness practice. I have found that people are surprised to hear that, through past actions and behaviors and those of their ancestors, they are responsible for their own life experience. It so marvelously changes one's perspective! Forgiveness softens our reactions, and gives a welcome sense of being able to do something about rectifying the harm we have caused. A deeper exploration of the ways in which we may have caused pain and suffering to others may be painful and bring tears, but is profound in turning us away from a sense of victim-hood, and toward love, forgiveness, compassion and light.

"Forgiveness is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you." Louis B. Smedes

Forgiveness doesn't say, "It was ok what you did to me" it says, "I forgive you so that you can be free and have peace." Forgiveness says, "Please forgive me so that you can be healed and liberated from that suffering." Suffering is bound tightly to us until we forgive and release it.

Before I embarked on my remarkable adventure with Master Sha, I was guided to explore a Ha'waiian forgiveness method called Ho'opono'opono. The prayer that goes with it is "I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you. I love you." It is that simple. Joe Vitale wrote a book called Zero Limits about his experience with Ho'opono'opono that is a good read. Vitale is a marketing guru, I have not always been entirely clear on his motivations, but he brought me this forgiveness practice that launched my forgiveness journey, and for that I am eternally grateful. Forgive, unconditionally and completely, and a great sweet relief and light will flow through you.

Chanting Practice

Chanting is not simply repeating words over and over. Well it is, but there is power and meaning to it. Words have energy and frequency of their own, for good or for ill. The Japanese doctor, Masaru Emoto beautifully illustrated this truth in his experiments with water, showing that words spoken with intention could actually change the cell structure of water. Cultures have chanted mantras of all kinds since cultures began. Spiritual texts, names of holy beings, single words with spiritual power, all count as mantras. You could chant Love, Jesus, Buddha, the Sun, the Moon, Guan Yin, Mother Earth...whatever has purity and light. The function of chanting is to align the mind and spirit with a higher frequency, to still the monkey chatter, to raise the body to embody a higher light. Any time you are replacing ego-mind thought with Divinely charged chanting you are on an upward spiral. The more this becomes clear, the more shocked you may be when you actually start to pay attention to every thought. So much energy is wasted through drunkenmonkeystungbyscorpions thinking! There is a chanting channel,, where there are further explanations and examples of chanting practices which I recommend. I myself chant as continuously as possible, so that there is always a drumbeat of holy words going on somewhere in my being.


There is a world of information out there today regarding meditation, a flood of informed and not so informed talk. Don't underestimate the importance and power of stillness and solitude. I have heard it said that prayer is talking to God, meditation is allowing God to talk to us. You don't have to sit ramrod stiff in lotus position to meditate, though that is certainly one discipline. I love what dear Jesus had to say about it in his deep and beautiful way,

"Go into your closet and shut the door."

The western mind is not constructed to be truly still. We think think think, even when trying to be quiet. That's where chanting can be helpful, chant in a calm and soft way with your eyes closed and your awareness in your lower abdomen. You may find that stillness comes in little spaces, even longer spaces, until you're just...quiet. You may hear the "still small voice" and you may not, but even a few moments in this precious and holy space can bring insight and healing. Maybe rest, there in the company of your own soul.

These are some tried and true methods of derailing and quieting the subconscious mind, and beginning to shine light on our karma. Until we truly look at the subconscious mind and the way it holds us in place, we will stay there. Until we acknowledge our karma and do what we can to heal and remove it, it will repeat over and over until we learn it's lessons. Humankind can't afford that anymore, the time has come when we must wake or die. Literally.

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