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Sutra humor...who knew!

My most beloved teacher and spiritual father, Master Sha, is originally from China. His English is excellent and several thousand times better than my Chinese. That said, occasionally I still am not always entirely clear on what he has just said, especially when the teaching is coming like a great firehose of wisdom.

Recently at a retreat Master Sha gave several hours of incredible teaching regarding the great sutra of Avolokiteshvara, the Heart Sutra.

One of the phrases was about the teaching that helps us to be free of attachments, desires and distinguishing. I heard in my head the words, "lighted goal." I thought, how lovely! A little puzzled, but filled with enthusiasm for the teaching. Lighted goal. Awesome.

We were instructed to listen to the teaching over again, which I did again yesterday. Finally the lights came

on and I heard what he ACTUALLY said, which was...…….Let it go.

Let it go.

I am still laughing.

Thank you Master Sha, I love you.

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