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See the Bones of Light

Recently I read a post on Facebook that showed a picture of a series of skeletons that all looked exactly alike, with captions under each identifying them as "white, black, brown, yellow, gay, straight, liberal, conservative, old young" etc. This idea made an impression on me. I am always striving for ways to illustrate the oneness of us all, and seeing all humans as having bones, which we all do, as one way to bypass the outer dream state stuff that seems to define us.

We are hardwired to instantly assess and judge everything and everyone we see, and put words to it.

It is an atavistic "skill" that has enabled us to be aware of danger, to pick an appropriate mate, to align with one's tribe. It is possible to short circuit that process by seeing commonality.

Try this practice. When you look at a person and feel those old "she's fat, he's old, it's only a dog,

that girl is snooty..." judgements bubbling up, see the bones of that being and see them filled with

light. It can be a remarkably beautiful experience, perceiving a living being in this way. If we can form

a habit of doing it we walk in a continuous state of awe at the beauty of all of us. We can experiment

and see the bones of a flower, a building, a car, anything.

Expand your mind, and your possibilities of vision.

I love a quote that I read some years ago, (author unknown) that went something like,

"there is nothing so vile that it cannot be made beautiful with sufficient light shined upon it."

Light is so powerful, see the light in your life companions, in all souls you encounter.

Da Guang MIng, The Greatest Light.

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