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S.A.N.O. (still,aware,now,open)

I recently listened to a beautiful book called "Cutting through spiritual materialism" by Chogyam Trungpa. It is very Buddhist in approach, which I am not one of, but the truths and teachings apply to all life experience.

One thing that he mentions is finding the gap between thoughts, that it is overlapping thoughts that keep us out of the present moment where all of true life really is. Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Ernest Holmes and many more profound and brilliant teachers have discussed this concept.

I get it, I have felt the magic and power of the now moment. It is astounding. Then the mortal mind wiggles it's way in there, the ego objects because it has no power there, and I got to thoughtville.

So I have devised an acronym, that with the power of habit, I am hoping will enable to spend more and more time in this space between thoughts, until it becomes the norm, and thinking for necessity only. So here it is.

Sano is an Italian word, also Esperanto, that means simply, health. (In Finnish it also means "you don't say.." but we won't go there.)

S. Stillness. silence. No thought, no words, simply being.

A. Awareness. The sense of Divine Presence, fully as oneself, as Soul. Filled with life and spirit.

N. Now. In the present moment now as it is, a panoramic. encircling, all

encompassing feeling of space and light, oneness, true selfhood that needs no words.

O. Open. A lot has been written about being open, open heart, open mind, open

spirit. This open means not only open at the front heart area, but all the way

through and open at the back so that all experience

simply flows through like a river, or clouds in the sky, observed and allowed to move on. Thoughts and emotions create hooks that keep experiences with us, and the longer they stay the more permanent they become. if we are just being the flow of life we can truly be our God Self.

Any time I experience any space between thoughts, I now insert the word SANO. I go through the word symbols of each letter, then rest in that as long as possible. I am finding that even just saying the word will take me to the still space.

We cannot truly wake until we stop unconscious behaviors, like letting thought and emotion run the show.

My spiritual father and teacher Master Sha says, "It is time for you to wake up. WAKE UP. Time is very short."

Be still. Breathe. Surround yourselves with light, listen to the voice of your immortal soul.

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