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Yesterday I was chanting the beloved name of the Buddha of Infinite Light, Infinite Life, AmiTuoFo, whom I love and speak with every day. As I was ending I asked, "Beloved, do you have a word or vision or guidance for me today?"

It came immediately..."Splendid. Look it up." Ok! thank you

Splendid. Adjective.

magnificent, sumptuous, grand, impressive, imposing, superb, spectacular, resplendent, opulent, luxurious, palatial, deluxe, rich, fine, costly, expensive, lavish, ornate, gorgeous, glorious, dazzling, elegant, handsome, beautiful; More

stately, majestic, kingly, princely, regal, noble, proud;

plushy, posh, swanky, ritzy, splendiferous;

distinguished, glorious, glittering, illustrious, remarkable, outstanding, exceptional, celebrated, impressive, notable, noted, eminent, noble, lofty, venerable, exemplary

That's a lot for one word to live up to! Not all of these descriptions seem entirely spiritual, but hey. I'm not arguing with guidance.

Further guidance from AmiTuoFo

"You all so entirely misunderstand the true nature of your being. All I see of you is your light,

how bright, how pure, how continuous. Is your light face and light heart turned to Heaven? to the Divine?

to me? To your teacher? Light is incorruptible, but it can be hidden, it's vessels polluted. Don't pollute yourselves with dark self--talk and action. False humility is dark. True humility is knowing your worth and the worth of others, union with the One.

Be splendid."

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