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What if I loved you?

My spiritual teacher, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, teaches that Love melts all blockages, transforms all life, and purifies our hearts and souls. That is a big statement, and it's a call to perceive love in a higher way. It's not an "up there" or "out there" concept, it's a real way that we can walk in our lives as love.

"Love melts all blockages, transforms all life, and purifies our hearts and souls." Master Sha

You know, the way things are going on our dear planet, is really is time to transcend religious blinders and limiting beliefs and go straight to the one thing that is the core teaching of any valid spiritual discipline or religion, Love. Not love as an emotion, but as an energetic field of awareness, elevated frequency, and power. I find that most folks are willing to lay aside a lot of closely held beliefs and prejudices when there is an option available to end their pain. An option, by the way, that blesses all and harms none. We must find a way around the notion that love is not the living Divine presence of God. It is not soft, it is not weak. It's the greatest power known to us, it's that which lives in the present silent moment as a continuous miracle of creation.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

― Lao Tzu

Love as a way of being in the world seems wonderful and dandy, until.....traffic. Family. Workplace. Physical challenges. Financial challenges. Until all the bred in the bone judgments, criticisms, sarcasm, mortal ego falsehoods and misdirection, and inabilities to forgive or forget, stand up and demand that their presence be acknowledged.

Here is a practice to begin to break that continuous stream of "I am separate from you" that keeps us asleep, and generating more and more karma.

First thing in the morning, before you put your feet on the floor, think of someone or something that you truly love. Your spouse, your children, grandchildren, dogs, cats, the smell of coffee, the way the mountains look in the distance with the sun on them. The way you feel when you are able to offer a true healing blessing to someone. Your spiritual teacher. Whatever. Hold that feeling in your heart for a while. Now go out into the world and have your day. Life has a way of providing you with a way to practice right away! When someone muscles their way in front of your car without signaling, (this is a good one, because it happens all the time. In Denver anyway...) Just one time think, "What if I loved you? What if I loved you like I love my grandbaby? My good friend?" If you let it, there will be a shift in perception. That person ceases being "the other, the adversary", and becomes someone you love who just happens to be a bully in traffic. You are aligned with the soul of that person and you can smile and say, "Ok. Whatever. I love you anyway." Even go on and give a blessing. It's really hard to be mad and bless a person at the same time. If you can do that...don't. It won't be valid.

"Love more for every hate"

Mary Baker Eddy, founder of Christian Science

Sometimes the people you love trigger all kinds of stuff, and it works there too. When a grandchild breaks a vase or torments her sister or spills coke all over everything, you can say..."What if I truly loved you?"

Enough to be patient and kind? Like God loves you, no matter what? Yes readers, that is the voice of experience.

How about the man who loses it, or worse yet, plans it, and goes to a theater and opens fire on hundreds of people? The mother that abuses and murders her children? The elected leader incapable of mercy or compassion for anyone? Can you say..."What if I loved you? What if you were my child who is taken over by the dark side, but whose inner soul is without stain? Child that I love no matter what?"

Love is an expandable container. It can be applied anywhere, to anyone, with positive results at some level.

Time is short, big changes are most likely, and soon. "Love more for every hate" as Mary Baker Eddy said. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Find out what love is, and be that.

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