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utilize EVERYTHING, the value of practice in crisis

Remember the old joke about the young man running up to an old fella on the streets of New York and demanding..."How do I get to Carnagie Hall?" The old man smiles and says, "Practice my son...practice." The point being, anything you do a couple of thousand times you're going to get good at. Never mind the grammar.

Our dear spiritual teacher, Master Zhi Gang Sha emphasizes practice a lot. By practice I mean, spiritual practice. Chanting, movement, singing, study and memorizing, healing, teaching...anything that raises our spiritual frequency and serves others. Sometimes the improvement is so gradual we do not see it, and it is by trust that we continue, day by day, moment by moment. In Faith and trust in the Divine, in our beloved teacher, in ourselves and in the process itself.

Then comes a moment. Some crisis in our lives that threatens our bodies, our loved ones, our affairs, and suddenly we are in trouble.

Very often we students of Master Sha have noticed that prior, during and after spiritual retreats and workshops we experience what is called testing, or spiritual purification. We are assured that this is nothing to fear, but to celebrate as we have raised ourselves far enough to merit a test by heaven to see how we are doing! Why are we tested in school? To see where we are with our educational process. Same with heaven. Do we pass with courage? dignity? humor? effectiveness? Do we stay in service as we experience some challenge? I have experienced this in various ways, usually emotionally or physically.

This last weekend I was blessed to attend a workshop with my Denver/Colorado Front Range group and Master Marilyn Smith called "Gratitude, the bridge between humans and heaven." It was wonderful, I learned a great deal and received many blessings. During the afternoon of the last day I noticed a good sized twinge of pain in my right...well....buttock. I am informed it is called the glute, and there is a big honking nerve there called the sciatic nerve. I had received a few minor shots across the bow in the previous weeks, but this was something different, a red hot ice pick kind of begins to create the correct mental image. I thought, "Aha! testing." Yeppers. The pain upon standing or placing weight on the right leg increased in intensity until it made my stomach heave and caused me to make sudden, uncharacteristic noises, including shrieks and pirate-like ARRRR sort of sounds. Now come the cool part.

I have been profoundly blessed to receive many healing modalities, including a recent upgrade of my Tao Healing Hands treasure to two higher levels of jin dan (golden, rainbow, and purple light balls) frequency. At the first onslaught I immediately turned on and offered this treasure to myself, with almost instant results. As the pain worsened I offered the treasure more often than the recommended time span, but Master Sha tells us to be flexible and not square our heads, so I offered it with every flare, sometimes twice in an hour, with results.....every time. Every time. I always check with my Divine Pendulum and trust that valued friend. I elected not to ask blessings from others this time, so that I could establish a baseline experience to know truly what I could do for myself. Today I was able to get to my Chiropractor, Master Brock Shwartz, who is also my Mentor and know that I am on the mend, and back to my healthy pain-free self very soon.

When I say use everything, I mean truly, mindfully remember everything you've been blessed to receive and utilize it. When you have practiced practiced practiced these things they come effortlessly when needed! This morning I sang Love Peace and Harmony with all souls, inviting all my body's souls to sing as well, and to self heal. I did an extensive forgiveness practice with all souls especially those that I harmed and hurt in the way that is causing me pain at this time. I sat at my altar and chanted the Da Bei Zhou for the highest good of all souls. I traced Tao Calligraphy. I practiced everything that is at my disposal at this time. I'm not going to tell you that I am not still experiencing some significant pain at moments, but I know it passes, and hopefully so do I. Thank you Heaven. :)

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