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Treasure forgotten...we ARE it


It's been a while I know, it's been eventful.

One of the most wonderful things that has happened is that because of the teachings and blessings of my spiritual teacher and father, Master Sha, I have been blessed to be chosen by a Shifu. A Shifu is a being, seen or unseen, that guides, teaches and assists a student. In a spiritual context it is a great honor and leap forward to be blessed with such a being that is present with us and assists us in our day, our life, our entire soul journey possibly. I am deeply thankful. My Shifu is the great ascended Master, St. Germain. He is known as keeper of the violet fire, and teacher of alchemy, manifestation, unity, and more. He was greatly involved in the bringing about of the United States of America, and still works to assist this great country to it's highest possibility.

As soon as his name was announced I realized that I have been aligned with this being as long as I have been studying spirituality and metaphysics, it couldn't have been a more perfect match. Thank you dear St. Germain! Thank you Master Sha and Divine for enabling this event.

I have been studying the teachings of this Master, and a number of things have resonated with me of course. The one teaching that vibrates my being is one that I have heard all my life in some form or another, is that we are all expressions of God, the Divine, the Source, whatever you may call it. The deep realization of this truth is so vital to our ongoing, and yet easily forgotten in the rough and tumble of life, and even in some spiritual activities. We cannot be separated from God, because we ARE it. We are all....that. It is the light of the center of our being, the great power of infinite wisdom and intelligence and love that we can call up and trust absolutely.

People will say, who do you think you are? God? Well, yes. Master Sha teaches that our outer expression of life, the Shi Shen, is the soul that reincarnates. Our inner true self, our Yuan Shen, is that part of us that is eternal, indestructible, connected unbreakably with the Infinite Divine. It is within us. Always.

The great mystic and teacher Dr. Ernest Holmes said, that with the "realization of the living Divine Presence of God within us, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish."

We have to do our end of it of course, to purify and raise our consciousness, to learn to be truly still and quiet at every possible moment, to trust absolutely that which in us is perfect and beautiful, that is love, and that loves us and only want to pour out through us.

Master St. Germain tells us that there is only one God, only one law, and that is the law of love. Master Sha teaches us the profound truth that Love melts all blockages, transforms all life, and purifies our hearts and souls. Let us learn what love truly is, and be that in all our ways.

over and out. lovelovelove

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