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Dog bites woman! Forgiveness follows


I am reposting some of my early blogs in an effort to improve my writing skills, and to have a look at how my life has transformed in so many ways since I started this blog.

This writing stands as an example of how forgiveness changes lives. It really really does. I recently had a conflict with a colleague that was pretty significant. Due to Master Sha's teachings and practices I have been able to transform some negative mental and emotional habits, and I was able to bring these new reactions to the situation. Not instantly mind you, it did take me a bit of time to regain my equilibrium, breathe, and think how best to go forward. There were a few moments of old mindsets of defensiveness and anger, but it really did go very quickly to forgiveness practice. It is a valuable tool that gives us the feeling of doing something constructive that really works, that really does bring light and transformation to any situation. I endeavored to do an in person forgiveness practice with this dear one, which did not go particularly well, but even that was ok! I realized that this person had her own process to go through, and I did a practice to simply "Let it go, let it flow." When we hang on to negative emotions and thoughts it really is to our detriment, much more that the other person. Not that there is "other." If we forgive others, we forgive ourselves. All is one, it is merely a dream that we are separate beings. We are all an expression of the one infinite beingness of the Divine, and what goes out from us returns in a perfect mirror image.

Forgiveness doesn't say "it was ok that I did that to you, or you to me." Forgiveness says, "I would be free of that original suffering and wrongdoing, and I bless you to be free and have peace as well."

Below is the June 10, 2017 blog.

'Sometimes the lessons actually take. After a couple thousand repetitions of a thing it finally makes it's way into my consciousness and outer experience.

On Monday of this week, I received my first real dog bite, after thousands of happy dog encounters as a

FedEx driver in the mountains of Colorado. I know dogs, and I also know that this old, partially blind German Shepherd dog was sending some mixed signals which I was not paying close enough attention to. I turned away and he got me on the left wrist, drawing blood and nicking a tendon. After a lifetime of a certain sort of reaction, this was different. My first thought was, I'm, sorry, please forgive me! I grasped that no event is an accident, and I had caused harm to this soul in some lifetime. I swear that the dog then went and sat at the end of the driveway and looked directly into my eyes.

Later in the day I did a full forgiveness practice in meditation with this dog. I was never

upset, in fact the "Aha" moment of the event was pretty wonderful. What I take away

from this experience is that there is nothing, absolutely nothing that can happen to us

that cannot be transformed through forgiveness and

compassionate spiritual perception.

I am deeply thankful for the experience, and for the teachings of my spiritual father,

Master Sha, that have brought me to this shining possibility."

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