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Kuan Yin Speaks. What you're looking for, you're looking with.

"​Good morning! This is Kuan Yin. This day's writing starts with some information from the being through whom these teachings express.

"T​he title of this writing,

"​What you are looking for is what you are looking with"

I​s credited to a notable 20th century metaphysical teacher and mystic, Dr. Ernest Holmes. Those late years of the 1088's and early 1900's showed a great blooming of enlightened writers and philosophers, such as Dr. Holmes, Mary Baker Eddy, Raymond Charles Barker, Joel Goldsmith, and so many more.

H​e also said,

"There is one life, that life is God, and that life is my life now."

This quote enlarged and assisted my spiritual journey in a real and powerful way for many years, and still does. To me this is the essence of realizing that we are united with all that is."

T​hank you.

I​t is of course part of the epic wheel of birth and death, that when humans incarnate, they forget who they truly are and where they come from. Babies have that remembrance for a while, you can see it in the infinity of their eyes, but that slips away with the experiences of the mortal life. It is said that a child cries when you snatch something away from them, because they feel pain. To them whatever that object is was an actual part of their being, they still have that knowing that there truly is no separation. At all.

T​his will be a brief speaking today, because there really is only one thing to say. There is one infinite Divine life and consciousness, and everyone and everything is an expression of it.

W​hy doesn't it just stay as that? Why does God life ebb and flow, manifest and unmanifest? Like any flowing body of water, it moves, takes shape and loses that shape, to go on and do it again.


I​t has been said that it is like a great game that the Source plays with itself. It breathes out creative action, and calls it back again.


T​he scope and magnitude of this action and rest is beyond most to grasp. You don't have to. Just know that what you are, is what that is. We project events on a great screen and take it for reality. Try to look and see, what is behind that movie screen? Where is the projection coming from? How do I change it? That's another whole set of questions, ask them of yourself and see what comes up.

M​ore important is to know that the only refuge from all that action is resting in a state of no-thought, with a self-realized selfhood. A sense of the indwelling living presence of the Source.

F​or now,

"​There is one life, that life is God, and that life is my life now."

I​dentify yourself as the life of the Infinite Divine Beloved. You are.

T​hat is all. I love you."


K​ristin Strachan, student of Master Zhi Gang Sha, Kuan Yin Lineage Holder, teacher and spiritual practitioner in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. I am blessed past comprehension. Thank you my spiritual father, Master Sha.

H​ere is a listing of part of what is available from Master Sha right now, much of it free of charge. The body of his work is so large, this is a sampling. Try Push the Button! Beautiful animations and powerful healing energies and sounds.


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