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Guan Yin Speaks. You are the river...

There is an affirmation,

"I am the flowing river of God life and God light."

This is true. It is more evident if you realize it.

Close your eyes and see a great river of light. Every conceivable color and intensity of light. Now see that light taking the shapes of people and things.

The river is the living consciousness and light of the Infinite Divine Beloved, call it what you will. God, Tao, Source, Fred. It doesn't matter.

One thing else is true, what you conceive yourself to be in the mortal experience is an illusion. You are not now, nor were you ever separate from the whole. The river flows through everything and every one, unjudged, unjudging. It simply is.


You decided before you got here, what shape of the river you would take, and what you would do with it. Choice? Of course there is choice. You choose every moment of every day where your flow will go, or not go.

How would you say we dam the river? By clutching things. We clutch so many things, people, events, thoughts and emotions that we clog up the heart with them. The river wants to flow, but cannot if we build up walls in front of it. Open your hands often and release everything. Just let all things fall away. Breathe. Feel the flow start up again.

Can you see that it is possible to be a constant flow of energy, intelligence and light? This means learning to see the light in and as everything. What you have considered to be good or bad, all flowing light.

Go back to the vision of the lit up water. All water is one water. You may call it a river or a pond or a sea or an ocean, it's still water. You cannot be lost by realizing that there is no Jenny or Sam or George, there is just lighted flowing spirit in the shape of those beings. There is only light, in the shape of a dog or a lamp or a car. The light is so breathtakingly beautiful when finally seen, that it will be hard to bring yourself back to flat "reality" of the ordinary world.


The scene in that movie, the Matrix, where it is perceived that all was just falling information was pretty close. That movie has a lot of deep metaphysical truth in it.

The great shaking of mother Earth has begun. The only way to survive is to wake to spiritual truth. Stop sleepwalking through your life. The dark side throws up visions of the big circus, with all its false fronts, noise and light to distract you. It leads the mortal mind down some very treacherous paths.

See yourself as the eye of the storm, serene in your flowing river of light. Breathe the light in and out, as if it were your air. The fire and water, shaking ground and disease, human caused mayhem may flow around you, but if you are centered in light, grounded in truth, you have a chance.


This flowing river is the indescribable Infinite Divine. There is still time to explore the teachings of theTao, the real Jesus, the Buddha, whatever serves you in a high frequency way. Study Master Sha, study Guan Yin Ling Hue Sheng Shi, anything to open your heart and mind now.

Now is the important word here.


That is all. I love you."


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