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Guan Yin Speaks. Live Planet, dead planet. Either way, it's your house.

“Good morning. This is Guan Yin speaking.

Time is short my children. The time for tip-toeing around ignorance or tender sensibilities is over.

The being that receives my teachings and passes them along had a stark vision this morning in meditation.

There was the blue planet, pristine and perfect, the original soul of the precious Mother Earth. Then a vision of that light dying, leaving a dark and empty rock circling the sun, until the sun itself goes out.

Do you have the courage to read on?

This is not delusion dear ones, this is what is happening, and very quickly. Humanity itself is responsible for the dying of this miraculous planet. You. There is one way to transform this apocalyptic event, and possible avert some of it, that way is through spiritual awakening. There is no other way now. The dark side, all that immeasurable weight of negative karma that has been generated by humanity all these millennia has a powerful momentum right now. It is going to take the concerted effort of millions, billions of souls on earth to neutralize this in any way.

Do you all remember a writing called “The tipping point”?

It is the concept that when enough things or thoughts or people come to a full alignment with a belief or action, the rest will follow and transform. There is truth in this now.

How do we do this? Well, as with all things, start with yourself. Find a great guru, an enlightened master teacher to help you, that is essential. Learn about beings like myself that have lived and evolved through millions of lifetimes, and now live only to serve, to bring light. Do the work. You must give up your mortal dream construct and trust your higher self, your immortal soul to bring you forward. You must trust God, not blame God. That is ignorance and immature thinking. God is not responsible for your troubles or anyone’s troubles.

The great Master Teacher Peter Hudoba tells the tale of meeting with his Guru, Master Sha. He told Master Sha,

“There is a dark force out to get me! It blocks me at every turn, and ruins everything.”


Master Sha looked at him and smiled.

“It’s you Peter. It’s you who block yourself. It is your karma.”

This was a revelation to this dear being, who, like most humans, had a lot invested in belief in “The other”. He is now a fully enlightened being.

Everyone has karma. Some have more and higher karma than others, but all have it. If you believe in reincarnation can you imagine that you have lived hundreds or thousands of lives, and not done some pretty terrible things? Think of the worst thing you can imagine. You have very possibly done that.


“No! Not me!”


Probably not in this lifetime, but in some lifetime you have taken life with glee, have tortured, starved, humiliated and oppressed others. And there is no way around karma except true service, a vigorous and sincere forgiveness practice, and/or blessings offered by a powerful teacher.

There are countless ways to serve, and service is the key now. Reaching out beyond the belief in separateness, comfort zone, fear, bigotry, jealousy, inertia…and touching others with such love that they are transformed. In this way you are transformed. Behold the Christ essence in all beings. Recognize your own.

Here is a meditation for you.

Become still, lotus or semi-lotus is effective. Close your eyes, breathe deeply into your lower abdomen and keep your awareness centered there, and in your heart.

Call upon me. Say,

“Dear Compassion Bodhisattva Guan Yin, will you please come and sit in my heart? Assist me to offer a blessing for the Earth, as is appropriate?”

(that “appropriate” part is very important. If you stay with me I’ll teach more about it later.)

Rest there until you feel that living presence and light come to your heart. See the Buddha radiance in your heart. Anyone can do this, it has nothing to do with religion.

Now hold the Mother Earth in your hands, right in front of your heart. See light pour from countless universes and from Heaven to your core and center, and shine that light to the planet.



“Divine love and light bless Mother earth, Mother nature, every animal, every human. Thank you.”

“Divine love and light bless Mother earth, Mother nature, every animal, every human. Thank you.”

“Divine love and light bless Mother earth, Mother nature, every animal, every human. Thank you.”


See a great network of light surrounding the earth, beings shining their essence of love to her. You are part of the network, part of the light. You are serving in a powerful way.


Can you do this for 5 minutes? 10? 30? More? Do that. As often as possible. It will help you wake to your true nature, and be part of that which could keep the life flame of our planet alit.

There is no time. You help, or you destroy. Which will you do?

That is all. I love you.”

this teaching was offered through Kristin Strachan, Guan Yin Lineage Holder, student of Master Zhi Gang Sha, teacher and spiritual practitioner in Colorado. I am so deeply honored and blessed.


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