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I have been greatly blessed in this lifetime to have been taught, guided and inspired by exceptional teachers. Mary Baker Eddy, Dr. Ernest Holmes, Joel Goldsmith, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Carolyn Myss, and Eckhart Tolle just to name some of them. I would not be here in this critical time on mother earth as a spiritual servant and student of Master Sha without these dear beings. I honor and thank them with my heart.

Most of us can take away at least one great lesson from any spiritual book we read, and today I will relate one that came to me, and stays with me, from a book called "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. The book itself is a great treasure, and his writing on relationships should probably be required reading for children and teenagers, taking a clear look on how we project ourselves and our needs onto others.

There is one line in this book that states, "If you cannot leave a situation, if you cannot change a situation, then simply observe." I believe that his assertion is that without the emotional charge, reaction, opinion, and judgement that we mostly throw at a thing immediately, it will fall away by itself.

I did a little life coaching with a young man who was having almost continuous conflict with his mother, they just literally could not be in the same room together without fighting. I asked him to try this, to just stand and watch as his mother tried to pick a next fight with him and see what happened. He came to me amazed, saying, "I just watched her. She tried several attack modes that had always worked before.

I just stood there and watched her. She finally was quiet, then shrugged her shoulders and left the room." I can't say that this would always be the case, but this is a true story, and it changed their relationship.

The trick to this is, getting between you and an event with this quiet watching. We are so lightning quick to judge and assess, which was probably necessary when it was a survival mode, but does not serve us all that well now. I use it a lot in traffic, which is still a big trigger for me. I am doing better! I am training myself to use the word, Observe, the minute it looks like someone is going to do something that will trigger my angst. Then watch. Then bless. It's almost impossible to be upset with someone and bless them at the same time, you can do one or the other. Blessing shifts the mindset from THEM!!! to You will have served, and also cleared some darkness and blockages from yourself. Worth a try!

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