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Soul Affiliate? That would be me....

I​’ve been trying to find a way to work at home, to make a living, to pursue my spiritual service life, and crack the hard nut of internet marketing, for years. And years.

I gave it up and went to drive a delivery truck for Fedex in the mountains of Colorado, which I do actually love, but at 70 the body is starting to shoot some warning shots across the bow. I like being at home, I like having enough money to serve all my needs and those of my family and clients. There HAS to be a way.

T​o backtrack a hair, I follow a Chinese Master, Master Zhi Gang Sha by name. This page from his site says it best.

I​ have been a student for 12 years, and have learned many powerful healing techniques and modalities, and have always wanted to have a soul healing business. Sounds awesome, huh? Easier said than done, and many of his students juggle full time work and family, along with the very vigorous studies, practices and class time with Master Sha. Alternative medicine is in process, but all good progressive ideas take time to come into form.

H​e sees this and is always trying to find a way to make life better for us.

N​ow he has taken counsel and devised an affiliate program just for his students, that allow us to actually be in business with him. The scope of Master Sha’s programs are so enormous, with a vast array of classes from the Tao Academy, free offerings all the time on Facebook and Instagram, powerful high level retreats, blessings, Tao Calligraphy, self healing programs and more. By being in partnership with Master Sha, we bring his love, teachings, blessings, and generosity to a much wider audience, and we benefit financially when people see the great value of these offerings and sign on.

T​he Mother Earth planet is in deep deep trouble. We need all the healers, all the bringers of love and light that we can find. Master Sha is one of these, a true healer, an inspired teacher, a selfless servant for humanity. It is my heart’s joy and my true duty to share this man with the world.

S​o what I’m going to do is offer information and pertinent links to Master Sha’s offerings here every week, and hope that you find value.

L​et’s start with the most cost effective and powerful technique that Master Sha has offered so far to the general public, Touch the Button.


Touch the Button for healing!

Experience healing on-demand with Tao Song.

Explore our collection of Tao Songs made for different body parts and systems. With one push of a button, you’ll have access to high-frequency healing that you can play anytime, anywhere.

How does this work? Click on the link, and honor the generous fee. ($10 CAD!) After your purchase, you’ll receive a link to that Tao Song and animation, where you’ll have unlimited replay access for the next 30 days!

You probably didn’t come to your condition overnight, and it may take some time to transform it. Stick with it. Set alarms, post signs, whatever it takes to do the practice every day, and be alert for changes.

T​his first one is for the low back, a common suffering for so many people. I personally can attest to the efficacy of this animation and Tao Song.

T​he next is for the lungs. As more and more “interesting” bugs come to visit mankind, it’s good to have healthy, rejuvenated lungs.

I​ will offer three today, the third is for the knees. As with the low back, knees take a lot of wear and tear! My husband swears by this one.

I​t is Master Sha’s intention to create 75 or more of these priceless videos. These practices are affordable, non-invasive, zero side effects, and you can do them right there at home, or anywhere. Why would you not?

I​’ll be back soon with more. I’m very excited and happy to bring these very usable and powerful tools to as many souls as possible!

L​ove to you all, see you soon.


K​ristin Strachan, student of Master Zhi Gang Sha, Kuan Yin Lineage Holder, teacher and spiritual practitioner in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. I am blessed past comprehension. Thank you my spiritual father, Master Sha.

H​ere is a listing of part of what is available from Master Sha right now, much of it free of charge. The body of his work is so large, this is a sampling. Try Push the Button! Beautiful animations and powerful healing energies and sounds.


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