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Guan Yin Speaks. Let go. No really...Let go.

Good morning! This is Guan Yin speaking.

I’m sure that all of you at one time in your life have done an exercise in letting go through trust.

Anyone that has learned to swim possibly had someone holding them up as they floated, and then that person took their hands away and you were free to float by yourself.

Many earth programs have done the practice of having a person allow themselves to fall backwards into someone’s arms, assured that they were safe and could do so without injury. It is the same concept, of completely letting go in the trust that you will not fall or drown, that we are upheld and protected.


This is so vital, and so missing in so many spiritual practices, and just in everyday life. Humans have this false idea that they are in control of anything. Karma runs the show 24/7, but there are ascended ones, light beings that are happy, even eager to help us. Humans generally are so fearful of releasing their clutching on to things, events and people, that it is nearly impossible to do so.

The being through whom these teachings express had a friend whose husband once stood in front of a dartboard with dart in hand, for four hours. He was unable to throw the dart because his fear of failure was so intense. This is of course a very radical example, but it is a real problem.

Where does this fear come from? This fear that it is ourselves that have to do any given thing, or we will fall or drown? Probably because we HAVE fallen or drowned in some lifetime, and don’t want to do it again. It comes from doubt. The real doubt that there is nothing and no one really behind us that is powerful and that loves us.

Letting go, truly letting go is the doorway to freedom. You live in a world that is like a cinema movie, a projection onto a screen that is as thin a hair, and yet looks so real that you believe it. Behind that illusion is the real existence. Envision the screen going dark and rolling up. What you see then is the infinity of all possible forms of light, planets, stars, universes. Radiant holy beings smiling, the diversity of Heaven’s animals, great stretches of the most beautiful landscapes that are past your imagination. Isn’t that wonderful?

But you have to let go of the screen, and your belief in it.

Here is a practice for you.

Be comfortable, sitting in a meditation position or sit in a chair. It’s better not to go to sleep.

Take5 or 6 deep sighing breaths, like when you are feeling great relief about something. With each breath, fill your body with light, starting at the bottom with all the chakras. With each exhalation see darkness pouring away from you, see the defunct old movie screen rolling up and disappearing.

Clench your hands into fists tightly and breathe into that tightness. Release them and let everything fall. Release all worries, thoughts, blockages, negativities, everything. Just let it fall. See a hundred black marbles pouring from your hands, rolling harmlessly away from you.

Now imagine someone that you trust implicitly. It can be a flesh and blood person on this plane of existence, or better yet, a saint, an angel, your own Guru, Jesus, Buddha. Truly feel that being sitting right behind you. Now lean back gently, until you feel that you are right on the heart of that being. Take a deep breath…..and Let Go. Even if it is for a moment, feel that ecstasy of perfect trust. You are home, you are safe, you are in the arms of the beloved. Tears may flow, and that is good!

In this space of letting go, there is nothing you have to do, no responsibility, no burden, no debt, no loss. There is no time, no space, not even any individuality. Trust the Divine that is in form behind you.

Open your spiritual eyes and look at the infinity that lies before you. Do you see that all is possible when your hands, your heart, your eyes are open?

Carry that sweet relief and love out into your day. Find it so rich and dear that you want to go there all the time. It will make you look serene, and you will probably smile a lot. The world will smile back at you.

You can do this. Let go. Really. Let go.

That is all. I love you.”

This teaching was expressed through Kristin Strachan, Guan Yin Lineage holder, student of Master Zhi Gang Sha, and spiritual practitioner in Colorado. I am greatly blessed.

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