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Guan Yin Speaks. Day 31. Stop working so hard.

There is a saying,

“Let go and let God.”

It is the human impulse to do do do, work work work, try try try. Of course, you must put forth some effort, and give direction to your practices, but the value of the no-thought state of stillness and effortlessness is past understanding.

Your teacher tells, you cannot sit and do nothing! You must go out to serve.

Correct of course. But you can bring that spirit of wide open flowing present moment awareness without human thought to your service. Can you see that your service will be infinitely more effective if you get out of the way, and let that which heals and blesses do it through you?

Look back at your life and see who you were at 5, at 15, at 40 or more. Are you that person now? Even 5 minutes ago? That mortal persona shifts constantly, and is not the real you. Relinquish it. Simply let it go, it is a dream state of mortal ego. Did you have any trouble releasing that 5 year old to become the 6 year old? Of course not. If you cling stubbornly to what you seem to be in this moment, you will never see what you could have been. Relationships come and go, people come and go. Animals. Houses. Bodies. Everything in the earth plane comes and goes, ebbs and flows. As the saying goes,

“It has come, to pass.”

This requires trust of course, that there is something to fill that space.

The mortal dream mind does have a seeming reality of its own, it is world mind, the combined consciousness of unawakened humanity that appears to be individualized. The ego mind is an expression of the up welling, karma driven darkness that now threatens to engulf the world. It is possible to disengage with this web, and you can do it. That requires a nearly continuous silent, present moment awareness, devoid of human thought. Not easy. It takes a commitment to being awake and aware of your Divine Nature.


Meditate. Chant. Study. Write Calligraphy. Serve without thinking, without judgment.


Discipline. This can sometimes seem to have a negative connotation, discipline. To some minds it means forcefully correcting someone or their behavior, or some rigid spiritual path or doctrine. It is actually a splendid word, Discipline! It comes from the word, disciple. To be a true disciple is a wonderful thing, to be a student, a devotee. One can be a disciple of a teacher or a saint, a Buddha.

Discipleship means you accept that this being knows more than you do, and can help you to attain knowledge and inspiration. Whoever your teacher is, discern at the soul level that they are a true and authentic being with no darkness.

That said, in the end it is only you that can make this journey to effortless, mindless being. You do this by letting go of everything. When you wake in the morning, do you mourn all day for some dream that seemed vivid, but that faded when you woke? Why would you do that?

Let it go.

Let it go.

Let it go.

As the song says,

“Don’t worry, be happy.”

Who cares when you worry and strive, self judge and work yourself half to death. No one but you.

Let it go.

That is all,

I love you.”

The being that flowed this teaching is Kristin Strachan, Guan Yin Lineage holder, student and disciple of Master Zhi Gang Sha, teacher and spiritual practitioner in Colorado.


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