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Guan Yin Speaks. Day 27. What if there really is no one else?

“Good morning! This is Guan Yin.

In the human experience there is always the strong presence of “the other.” In their love and sleeping nature, your parents gave you a physical body, a name, an identity, a language, and in short order, you are other. They are other. It’s part of the maya, the illusion of the mortal life.

We go on in our “other” adventure going away from oneness, to discover other “other”. Playmates, siblings, animals, lovers, grandparents, children, nature, all with their fascinating kaleidoscope of colors and light. The other appears with an infinite variety of loving behaviors; hostility, indifference, humor, repulsiveness. Compassion and cruelty, intelligence and stupidity. What if it’s all just you?


Have you ever had a shock of recognition with another person, thinking,

“I know that person!”

Well its possible that you have had an earlier karmic experience of some kind, it is also true that for a flash of a moment, you saw yourself. Humans are hardwired not to do that, it’s part of the game rules one might say. But now and then, there you are.

Persons who have had experience with psychedelic substances often see the other as themselves. I’m not recommending that as a therapy, but there have been some interesting outcomes of just that kind of therapy. With many people a deep peace and joy come from perceiving that they are not just one with everything and everyone, but that they ARE everything and everyone.

Can you see the sheer insanity of prejudice? It is like looking at your own foot, seeing it as separate from yourself, judging it and perceiving it as a threat, then stabbing it with a fork. Who is hurt and harmed when we lash out in fear and hatred? If there is no other, then it is our own self that we inflict suffering on. When we offer pain to “others”, we offer pain to the infinitude of all creation. Conversely, a little love and compassion go a long, long way.

I have heard it said that very small children cry when something is taken away from them because they perceive that thing as a part of themselves, and it causes a form of pain for them. It is possibly a form of self protection that we come to see things as something separate from ourselves.

Think of it this way. One great awareness, one great originating impulse. Can The Infinite Divine Source stand motionless? Divine moves, creates one thing. Moving energy falls, quiet energy rises. One thing creates two things. Two things create three, three creates everything. Then it goes back the other way. Ebb and flow, form and formless. Yin, and yang.

You might say,

“But if I am only a drop of water in the ocean, my identity is lost! I am lost.”

That is the ego mind, the great curse of the world. How can you be lost if you are everything? All infinity? All possibility?


You have been every possible expression of this awareness. You are now every possible expression of this awareness. You cannot be separate from it, you are it. Do you think that the “I” that looks out of your eyes is any different that the “I” that looks out of a cat? Or a dictator? An angel? A murderer? There is no difference. There is no other. There are only levels of awareness, energy, and frequency.

Can you for a moment grasp the enormity of it? You may think this one little planet is a speck in space, and it is, but there is an infinity of sprawling, pulsating light containing trillions of planets and worlds, universes, beyond universes. You are present in them all. Drop your mortal dream persona for a moment and breathe that in. You are a cell in the body of Jesus, a breath in the being of Buddha. There is villainy past comprehension, there are Divine realizations that you couldn’t bear in your present place of being. And yet, you are there.

You cannot be lost, you cannot die. Your true self is indestructible, incorruptible, and perfect. It doesn’t think, it simply is. Everything and no-thing.

Do you hear the music of the planets? Can you hear Heaven’s winds? Expand your mind, it is a limitless container. Mortal thought and emotional reactions are a cork in the top of your head. What might happen if you pull it out?

“Heaven’s cleansing wind blows through an open heart and mind. It goes around closed ones.”

Da Bei Zhou Buddha, Xi Tuo Ye


There is no…….other.

That is all,

I love you.”

Flowed through Kristin Strachan, Guan Yin Lineage holder, teacher, student of Master Zhi Gang Sha, spiritual practitioner in Colorado.

Note from author,

The words of this immaculate Buddha, Guan Yin flow through me so easily sometimes. I had the feeling today that Guan Yin would have gone on with the teaching for hours, unfolding like a flower. I am so deeply honored.


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