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Guan Yin Speaks. Day 20. Who is this Guan Yin?

“Greetings, this is Guan Yin.

Who is this being, Guan Yin? There is an enormous body of information available on your internet and in libraries that anyone can search out and learn from. The being through which this teaching flows posts this site, which has a clear and accurate description and history of the Bodhisattva of Compassion. Guan Yin is one of the cornerstones of Buddhism, and the great Heart Sutra is the primordial mantra of this one.


In the end it is the personal experience of any being that makes anything real, that gives insight and inspiration. This is where religion often goes awry, the absolute belief in teachings and beings that have not been experienced in the body, in the heart.

Think of what the essence of the Bodhisattva is, that this one will not ascend to full enlightenment, Nirvana, until all souls are relieved of suffering. The standing of the being known to you as Guan Yin is so elevated and pure, that we may know that this being is already enlightened, but retains the title of Bodhisattva as a testament to deepest humility.


What does compassion mean to you? The accepted meaning is deep sympathy for suffering, and the wanting to offer assistance and succor to those who suffer.


The word “passion” in English has been defined as suffering. Think of dear Jesus, and the described Passion of the Christ. The beginning of the word, “Com” means with. You could say that compassion means, I am with you in your suffering.


Author Fredrick Buechner describes what it means to have compassion in this way:

“Compassion is sometimes the painful capacity for feeling what it is like to live inside somebody else’s skin. It is the knowledge that there can never really be any peace and joy for me until there is peace and joy finally for you too.”


This is one way to understand Guan Yin and compassion.

Some are frightened by the thought of really feeling another’s pain and suffering. There’s a lot of it to go around, and it can feel daunting indeed. One might think,

“What if I can’t bear that suffering? What if I am so overwhelmed by it that I cannot function?


That is fair. One answer is the Buddhist concept of non-attachment. this is different than detachment. One feels the suffering, observes and offers aid, feels deep compassion, but also understands that they might offer Divine love and aid without being submerged in that pain. We are not owned by it. Can we be free from the illusions and desires of the world and still be compassionate? If we want a healthy state of spirituality, yes, we must find that balance. Suspend judgment and open the heart.


To embrace Guan Yin, we must give up the notions of holy beings “out there, up there, over there.” Yes there is a realm of Divine ones, but their presence can be as immediate and vivid as one’s own life. Guan Yin being-ness is ancient beyond ancient, enormous, powerful, all-knowing. Can you call this presence to come and be with you? Of course. Let’s give it a try. Experiencing this presence is beyond all teaching and opinion, it is the life of the Divine itself. That perfect life is your life too.


Here is a practice for you.

One must really be able to be in a meditative state, a place of deep stillness, no thought, of present moment awareness. Go there.

Simply ask. Say,

“Beloved Compassion Buddha Guan Yin, I trust you, I offer my love to you. I invite you to please come and sit with me, sit in my heart, help me feel your presence, your love. I am deeply thankful.”

It is good to bow your head in gratitude.

It is helpful to chant for a while, if you have your own mantra do that. You might chant or sing Compassion Buddha Guan Yin mindfully. When you feel completely centered and relaxed, say,

“The living presence of Guan Yin fills me now.”


That is all you need to do. Wait, trust, and feel that light, that tenderness and warmth radiating in your heart, in all your body. This is the timeless realm, no sound, no thought, just presence. Stay there as long as you can then ask for a message. If one comes wonderful. If there is no message, wonderful, you have been in the arms of the Infinite Divine Beloved for a bit.

Come back gently to outer awareness, give thanks.

Can you carry this experience into your life? Guan Yin can be with you at any time, that is the promise of Guan Yin. Call upon me, and I will come.

That is all. I love you.”


Flowed through Kristin Strachan. Guan Yin Lineage Holder, student of Master Zhi Gang Sha, teacher, spiritual practitioner in Colorado.

Note from the author.

I experienced this presence of Guan Yin recently, in the presence of my teacher. It was pretty close to overwhelming, the deep tenderness, wisdom, and love of this Divine being. I wept like a child for a half an hour, helpless before the power and love of this being. I am forever deeply grateful. Thank goodness, I will never be the same.


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