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Guan Yin Speaks. Day 19, Big karma, and small karma

"Good morning! This is Guan Yin. Blessings to you.

Most people do grasp the concept of karma in some way. I think everyone agrees on the big, breathtaking karmic downfalls, genocide, domestic abuse, murder, theft, lying, cheating, stealing, betraying, abuse of power, war.


The world as it is now stands on a smoking rubble of the outcomes of karma. It is so big and all encompassing that it's almost unbearable, and humans have created it themselves. There is a reckoning that is beginning to be paid now. You may not turn the tide, but you can lessen the blow by starting where you are.


Where does that big stuff start? Well like most things, it starts small. With small words, little actions, fleeting intentions. These gather momentum and speed and the next thing you know...well you do know. You're all looking at it right now.


Words carry great energy, frequency and power. Words stand in front of a great ocean of thoughts, emotions, reactions, desires...and yes, karma. Every word you speak or think creates a reality of its own. Considering the great torrent of words that flow through most humans, that's a pretty big thing. Can you take responsibility for that? Harmonious language generates harmonious reactions. Vile language creates bad feelings.


It's the almost unrecognized words and actions that create negative karma in such little ways, that harm others and your own environment unthinkingly. You're mad about something, so you lash out at your dog.

"Stupid dog! I hate you. Go away."

Do you think the soul of your dog doesn't understand very well the hurtful intention of those words?

Or your child, or your mate.

"You're so damn clumsy! Can't you do anything right?"

How about the material objects that serve you?

"Darn car! I ought to just take you to the junk yard."

"That teapot has a little crack, and it's any ugly color anyway. I'll just throw it in the trash and get a new one."

Not even out loud. Even thought silently, the words are heard deeply in the soul.


Look at how subtle criticism and comparing are in your thinking. It all creates blockages, darkness, and impedes your journey. It joins with the toxic thinking, speech and actions of all beings on the planet and sooner or later will come to a critical mass. That is what is taking place now.


You may think, so what can I do about it? One person on a planet of almost 8 billion people? You have probably heard about the tipping point. It is true that if enough beings started disciplining their minds, thoughts and words, and became mindful of their own power for good or for ill, there would come a tipping point. Even the tide of darkness can be lightened with your intentional loving, forgiving and compassionate thoughts and actions. Yes, you. Where else can it start?


It can start with the realization that you possibly do not acknowledge the people, animals, objects and nature that surround you at all. Or only in ways that are useful to you. Everything and everyone has a soul. Have you ever spoken to your miraculous bed?

"Dear this wonderful bed, I love you! I am so thankful for you. I am grateful that you bear me into sleep, keep me comfortable and warm through the night. There are many people with no bed. I am deeply blessed. Thank you Mother Earth, for providing."


When you have this humble, sincere attitude of love and thankfulness it permeates your life, and shines out to other. Be contagious with your love. It will spread. Stay with beauty, with music, with appreciation. Increase your spiritual practice.


Here is a practice. Take 10 minutes in quiet awareness, and look at every single thought that comes into your head. Don't try to stop them, observe them. If it is helpful, write them down and look at them. It is astounding how many thoughts can pour through your mind in 5 minutes.

Often when you try to observe thoughts they play hide-and-seek, but wait. They will come.

Without judgment look at the nature of your thoughts. Are they fluff about what you need to do when you're done with this practice? Has something else come in the side door, how someone else is doing better than you on their soul journey and service, how it's not fair? Annoyance with someone making dish noises in the kitchen? Self-judgment of your body. Not enough money. Anger. Fear. What is the color, mood, and intention of your thoughts?


In the end, it is your decision, what do you want your energy field to say about you when you take it out into the world? It matters, it counts. There is a surge of yearning for the light on this planet, an urgent need for waking.

Start where you are.

That is all. I love you."


Flowed through Kristin Strachan. Guan Yin Lineage Holder, student of Master Zhi Gang Sha, teacher, spiritual practitioner in Colorado.

Note from the author.

Master Sha has blessed and made available a recording of a simple little love song call Love Peace and Harmony. It has brought healing, light and peace to countless beings and households. The song, and information about the LPH movement can be found at


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