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Guan Yin Speaks. Day 15, the real danger of comparing.

"Hello. This is Guan Yin, blessings to you.

Ceaseless thought, comparing, judging, criticizing and evaluating seem to be a nearly inescapable part of the human experience. Note, I say nearly. If you are to ascend in any way on your quest for spiritual freedom you must start there, to remove these traits from your being.

You can see that in some ways they have been necessary to survive on the earth plane, one must be able to differentiate to select mates, to be safe, to negotiate the seeming complexity of the yin yang world. As you go forward you begin to see that on the path of light they are not necessary, and are in fact harmful to you and others.

One of the most subtle of these serpents is comparing. To the unawakened it might seem a benign, if negative, way to observe others.


"My stuff is better than his stuff, and if it's not I'll find a way to get his stuff, and if I don't I'll be mad or feel inadequate."


For those on the Buddha journey it is much more dangerous to compare, especially to compare our soul journey experiences with others, and here is why. It either creates fear, or anger, both of which are killers of your virtue.

I have observed dear, pure, and dedicated souls walking this Guan Yin trail to service. Some have succeeded, and others have fallen. I am not talking about these beloveds, but those of you who watched it happen and said to yourself,

"Oh no! If it can happen to that virtuous soul, it can happen to me. I'm afraid of falling! I'll just go back to where it's safe."


"I see that being soaring up with all those blessings, it seems so easy for her. How can I ever aspire to that? Why can't I have that too? It's not fair. I don't have what I need to do that.

You see? We tend to think once we are in a group of like-minded souls seeking to wake and to serve that our soul journeys are the same, or at least similar. We watch the trajectory of others in the group and wonder why we are slow, or worse and much more destructive, get the entirely wrong idea that we are somehow better or more advanced than another.

Every soul journey is entirely unique, and on its own timetable and pathway. Comparing to others creates obstacles that slow this process. You cannot be someone else. Envy, anger, and fear are corrosive, also any false sense of superiority.


The teaching has been given that lack of humility will send you back to the bottom faster than anything else. As we are instructed to "stop with the negative harmful thoughts already"...likewise comparing.

"Pride goeth before a fall" is entirely correct.

The teaching is also given of the Ten Da. Greatest Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Light, Humility, Harmony, Flourishing, Gratitude, and Enlightenment. It is possible that the Da that will be of the greatest service to you at this time is Humility. Da Qian Bei is the Chinese phrase, "Da Chee-en Bay" phonetically. The energy and frequency of this phrase is powerful to assist you.

The practice is to chant Da Qian Bei as much as possible. If you are acquainted with Tao Calligraphy, write or trace Da Qian Bei as much as possible.

Do you see that if you are embodying and expressing true humility that fear is not necessary? You grasp that you are protected and guided by light beings who know the way.

Do you see that if you understand what it is to be truly humble it is a great relief? You are simply on your own entirely wonderful road. Yes if we are all one, and we are, we are all essentially on the same road, but dreaming individuality. If you are one with your soul family, who is hurt when you criticize and compare? of course.

A sincere bowing down practice brings humility in the most wonderful and touching way. Not everyone likes the idea, especially those in the west. You can give a try, just once put your forehead to the floor and give thanks. It feels really good.

Subtle serpent is a good description of comparing. Try to identify and eliminate this little snake, you don't need it.

That is all. All my love to you."

Flowed through Kristin Strachan. Guan Yin Lineage holder, teacher, student of Master Zhi Gang Sha, spiritual practitioner in Colorado.

Note from the author,

A lot of this teaching addressed a lot of my own experience squarely. I am deeply thankful to Guan Yin for the course correction. Countless bow downs dear Mother.


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