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Guan Yin Compassion Buddha, speaks

“My beloved sons and daughters, I love you. Do you know what that means? It means I know you. I see your heart. Anyone who looks up, who opens their heart to me even for a moment, bathes in the infinite light of heaven.

Think on that. The earth plane is swimming in darkness, the suffering is immense at all levels of experience. Your unfortunate animals suffer in silent agony and you ignore their voices. Likewise, your children, nature, the soul of the Mother Earth herself writhe in pain. Can you not stop your endless river of words for a few moments and look up? Rest in my light and compassion? Listen?

Your mind holds you hostage. It rages and roars, fusses about past grievance, frets to a froth about the future. It’s unable to be still, deeply afraid that without words it will die. You would be better off without it. You are not mind, you are spirit. Your own blessed spirit languishes in chains of your own making.

Do this one time a day to start. Close your eyes and chant

“Guan Yin Compassion Buddha”

for one minute, make a song of it if you like. Then, placing your awareness in your heart, look up to the heavens, and ask,

“Beloved Guan Yin, I open my heart to you. Will you please fill me with your light, presence, and silence for one minute?”

Then simply rest in the bliss of the freedom from thought for one minute. Trust.

That is all. I will speak more later. I love you.”

Thank you beloved spiritual mother for speaking through me. All my love to you.

Kristin Strachan is a Guan Yin Lineage Holder, teacher, student, and spiritual practitioner in Colorado.


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