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Tao hands, powerful tool in the energy healing arsenal

I think we all can agree that the world is in a huge transition, there is almost no place that has not been touched this year by disease, war, political and governmental malfeasance, natural disaster. Rage seems a natural reaction to almost anything, people are afraid, and deeply entrenched in opinion.

I would like to be the voice of optimism, but I have the feeling the rocky stuff is just beginning. Actually, I am optimistic about humanity, if we can get our heads out of...dark places...and take steps to prepare and protect ourselves. Pretending that the pandemic will magically go away, or that there are not ensuing communicative disease events, is not just naive, it's deadly. This is not the time to let old beliefs and prejudices about spirituality and medicine prevail.

What would you do, yourself personally, if you looked up and realized that medical care was not available to you or your loved ones and animals? What if the meds that you have relied on to keep your blood pressure reined in or keep psychotic breaks at bay were gone? I have thought all along that it only takes one leg of infrastructure to break down, and a cascade of uh-oh may follow. The food chain is already challenged, some other vital elements may not be far behind.

That said, I will offer a quote by a cherished teacher of mine, Dr. Peter Hudoba. He is a successful neurosurgeon and researcher, and also a powerful spiritual being of high standing. He recently offered a workshop on emergency preparedness, and his first statement was,

“Don’t be afraid, be smart. Don’t panic, be prepared.”

The whole emergency preparedness thing is a huge subject, and I’m not going to go further with that now, except to explore the component of physical well-being.

What do we do when we are sick or injured, and we’re on our own? It could happen…it is already happening.

My spiritual teacher, Master Zhi Gang Sha, said some years ago,

“I would love to see a healer in every home.”

This is not an airy fairy wish, but a real possibility, and one that might see us through this current maelstrom, and on into the next evolution of the earth and her inhabitants. It will take some work.

Master Sha's initial program was called,

Divine Healing Hands.

As this program evolved, it transformed to Tao Hands.

There is an enormous field now of alternative wholeness modalities that include many forms of what might be called energy work. I myself started my healing career as a Reiki Master and Teacher, Reiki is now mainstream enough that a lot of people are aware of that discipline. It’s one of a collection of powerful and effective techniques on the radar right now. These are non-invasive, generally inexpensive and effective ways to clear blockages and move energy. Western Medicine has its place of course, but there must be room made to allow these potent, if more gentle, practices to bloom.

I believe that one of the most powerful of these modalities is one offered by Master Sha, called

Tao Hands.

Energy flowing from the hands is not a new idea. There are descriptions and artworks through the ages, of light coming from the hands of people offering blessing. It probably doesn’t matter what you call it, what matters is the level of frequency, energy and light that the blessing carries. Also, the love, openness, and right intention of the one offering is vital.

This description of Tao Hands comes from the website of Master Sha,

“Tao Hands is a spiritual transmission that carries the frequency, vibration, and information, energy, and matter of Tao (Source). Tao Hands radiates out the Tao qualities of unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, and more.

Everything has a vibrational field that contains information, energy, and matter. According to Dr. and Master Sha, creator of Tao Hands and co-founder of Tao Science with quantum physicist, Dr. Rulin Xiu, what science calls information (or message) is the same as soul or spirit. It is this very aspect of our being that leads our lives. The positive information we carry in our soul is aligned with our true essence, like the Tao qualities of love, forgiveness, and compassion. The negative information we carry in our soul is associated with our challenges, such as unbalanced emotions, negative thinking, health challenges and more.

Tao Hands carry the high frequency and positive information of Tao and the Tao qualities of unconditional love, light, forgiveness, and compassion. Tao Hands has the power to transform the negative information at the root of our many challenges. This could happen instantly or little by little. In this way, Tao Hands can help restore balance and harmony and support progress toward better health and happiness.

With Tao Hands, you are empowered to serve yourself, your loved ones, and your community, including pets, plants, homes, businesses and more.”

If, as Mother Earth continues to rock and roll, you could bring healing to an injured child or animal, peace to a dying family member, open avenues of creativity to bring food or money to your experience, what would it be worth to you? If you could ease fear in yourself or others, bring light to literally any situation, ask protection for your house and home, bless your water and food, would you not do it?

I recommend Tao Hands, because I have seen its powerful effects in my life and the lives of my loved ones. I have seen with my own eyes the expression on a person’s face when pain completely disappears, or an upset stomach settles. That is not a small thing. If it is not for you, there are dozens of other modalities out there that might be a fit. The point is that we invest ourselves to bring light and healing to our immediate experience, and on out into the world.

This comes at a cost of course. The tuition and training for Tao Hands is not free, but not exorbitant. It is an honoring. Approval is required. And you have to be willing to give some things up to move into a role as a healer, things like anger, selfishness, judgment of others, unconscious harmful behaviors. What is lovely is that by the time you become a Tao Hands practitioner, a lot of that old heavy nonsense will have fallen away by itself. The light pouring through doesn’t just bless those you offer it to, it blesses you too.
I bless your soul and healing journey
Kristin Strachan

Post Scriptum

"Tao" in this context has nothing to do with religion, or teaching religion, but signifies the allness of the Infinite Source.

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