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"You are alive, you are whole, all is well." The words of the healer

I confess to an addiction, I have listened to and read the entire collection of Diana Gabaldon's epic Outlander series at least 10 times. That's a lot of Outlander. I can quote, chapter and verse, most of the dialog, and cry every single time when wee Henri Christian and the dog Rollo die. The hero of the piece, Jamie Fraser, is a stunning character, Gabaldon draws her characters so beautifully and thoroughly. His ability to fight bears, drink with the Indians and have his way with his wife a couple of times all in one night seems over the top, even for Jamie, but I'm willing to suspend belief now and then. He is a noble, kind and intelligent person, with an incisive wit, and can also be a Highland barbarian capable of great mayhem and blood-letting. An all round fellow, the one you want in your corner. Courage is his byword.

In book number 5, the Fiery Cross, another marvelous character runs afoul of evil. Roger McKenzie finds himself at the end of a rope, hung by members of the North Carolina militia, through an act of revenge. Because of his height and a new rope, Roger survives, but by a thread, and is terribly injured. When he awakes in his bed his wife, his mother-in-law (the formidable Claire) and Jamie are there. Jamie grasps his shoulder and says to him,

"You are alive, you are whole, all is well."

It is a splendid statement. Roger is barely alive, he is not whole at so many levels, and things are not at all well, but Jamie's heartfelt words reassure him. Hearing these words from this man that Roger holds in such high regard, even loves, enable him to relax. The words ease his fear that he is dying. Roger believes him, even through the fog of pain and terror.

All of this leads up to the role of the healer in the world, and the power of words. I recall a wonderful true story about a 96 year old man who had passed away. An autopsy was performed, and it was discovered that he had experienced multiple bone fractures, pneumonias, scarring consistent with a cancer and more. He had never once visited a doctor in his life. There was no one to tell him he was very sick (I expect he knew that) or that he might die. He simply healed.

"Words of kindness are more healing to a drooping heart than balm or honey."

Sarah Fielding

There's a wonderful woman who is a Master Teacher in Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha's organization, who was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal breast cancer 9 years ago. They told her, maybe a year with chemo and radiation. And that was a stretch. She has never taken those treatments in any way, and has relied solely on the blessings and teachings of Master Sha. She works full time and serves tirelessly to help others. This is not to say that it has been an easy road, there has been pain and fatigue. She absolutely knows that it is her own and ancestral karma that has caused this illness. She still experiences cancer, but it's less and less. This beloved one never gives up, never wavers. Her gratitude is deep and ongoing. 9 years! She looks great, her body is healthy and youthful, her attitude fervent and sincere. She fully expects to be cancer free. This is a 100 percent true story, I know this person, and stand in awe of her courageous journey and example. If this is possible for this woman, it is possible for us all. Master Sha's words resonate.

"I have the power to heal myself. You have the power to heal yourself. Together we have the power to heal the world." Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

I think western medicine has its place, but sometimes there's a real disconnect in how it is communicated. My husband's grandmother heard those dreaded words, "you have 6 months to live" when she was in her 70s. She shrugged, went home, and lived at least 20 more years.

For the love of God, hit the mute button every time a medical commercial comes on. Those people are real villains, and they know what they're doing in how they word their advertisements. These commercials are slick, beautiful, colorful productions, with happy people smiling through meadows and beaches and supportive relationships. Worse, interviews with people ravaged by some awful disease telling you that this is your outcome if you don't...whatever it is. blah blah blah. The words are intentionally designed to make you believe that if you are sick we have just the thing to help you, and if you are not sick, you will be soon, and we'll be right there for you. They want you to be sick, because their bottom line relies on it.

Big pharma is no joke, they are talking people into illness, and they're good at it. Turn your back on that.

Our bodies know how to heal. We interfere, with our habits, our fears, our reliance on pills and drugs, and the attitude of "doctor knows best." Sometimes doctor does, and sometimes not. Factor in genetics and karma and you have the possibility of dis-ease. My husband's relative was a tough-minded old Scot and went her own way, she was fortunate. People who take those dire words into themselves and believe it, might set themselves up for a walk down a road of dissolution and death. Of course sometimes people die, they get sick and die. My own opinion is that a multi-dimensional approach of alternative modalities, aligned with Western medicine or TCM, (traditional Chinese medicine) could be beneficial in prolonging life and preventing death. Simple faith in the power of the Divine can be the most powerful healer.

Belief is the neck upon which the head of this topic turns. Believe you will be well and there's every chance that you will. Believe that you are doomed to die....and there you go. The words that you hear can turn the tide of belief, and that is where the healer must be careful.

If you say to someone who is struggling with pain and fear, who knows that they are sick, "You are alive, you are whole, all is well", you might be met with some skepticism. If a healer can phrase this in a way that says, "the essence of your being IS wholeness. My job is to help you reveal that wholeness. You ARE alive, and you can stay that way!" All is well is a little different, and depends on a person's take on that. We WANT to believe that all is well. That is how we go forward on a healing journey, knowing that there is hope, there is the intelligence and power of the universe. All is well, and I will soon be healed. All is well, I am loved and cared for. All is well, my life is the life of the infinite and perfect Divine. All is well, and if my body is destined to return to the earth, then it will do that. I will go on. That's the ultimate wellness, to know that we cannot be lost, our soul cannot die, that no matter what happens we are expressions of sentient light. A great living spiritual master was asked, how do you see human beings? She said, "all I see is your light." Those with eyes to see, and hearts open and free of judgment and doubt, know this. We are light and awareness, having a dream.

"You are alive, you are whole, all is well. You are light."

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