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Puppet's Dance

I have a young friend whose younger sister continuously and successfully pushes her buttons and gets under her skin. It makes her very unhappy and angry, which of course is the younger one's aim in life apparently.

I find the above image a little disturbing for some reason, but the vision that came to me in trying to assist this friend was something very similar.

I know that they love each other deeply, but the younger one's karma runs her like a marionette, as all our karma does for each of us. I told my friend that when her sibling is deliberately trying to get her goat to see this vision of a very loving soul being operated as if on strings in a harmful way, and try to see through all the manipulation to that dear soul who really really only wants to love and be loved.

We can all do the same.

When we hear of a being doing some great harm on the earth, bombings and car attacks, animal and child abuse, catastrophic political actions...Can we see through and see the terrible suffering in the eyes and hearts of those beings? One of the truly great gifts that we may bring mankind is the notion we have harmed others through our actions, and that sincerely asking forgiveness brings light and transformation. Truly realizing that every wretched dark thing that may come to us comes from us having done the exact same thing to another soul can be shocking, but liberating.

We all have the power to transform anything through forgiveness, giving it and asking it. It makes the whole notion of victimhood look so ridiculous that we will do what is necessary to heal it.

Master Sha teaches us that "all success and failure in life is due to karma."

Let's cut the strings!

PS, Master Sha, understanding that the word 'Karma" can bring up funny thinking and judgements, has actually recommended that we call this action "soul, mind and body blockages". or Shen, Qi, Jing blockages. Rightly so. So in subsequent blogs I will refer to karma as SQJ blockages.

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