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Kangaroo journey home

I am blessed to receive very interesting analogies pertaining to the spiritual journey. I keep coming back to the birth of a baby Kangaroo. (They are very strange and interesting animals entirely!) The baby is born as really just an embryo, and must travel, naked and blind, to the mother's pouch, where they will spend the rest of their gestation attached to the mother's nipple, receiving her nourishment.

They must make this journey solely on instinct and trust, that they will find the mother. The mother simply waits, there is nothing that she can do to assist the baby, past what she has already done to bring it into the world.

There have been many days where this perilous journey has felt like my own, faltering maybe, getting sidetracked through the thickets of daily mortal life existence, in the dark, seemingly alone, unformed, and yet pulled inexorably onward and upward to the source of my nourishment.

My beloved teacher and spiritual father, Master Zhi Gang Sha is represented as the mother, he has brought me unthinkably far on this lighted path. This great soul has saved my life and soul journey countless times, given me teachings and tools and blessings of great power and wisdom, but it is really up to me now to find the rest of the way to the Source. I have to rise up in confidence and joy to reach out in service, compassion, and in love to the mother Earth planet and her inhabitants, all of them. No one EVER said this kind of spiritual journey was easy, and it is not. But what is the alternative? For me, there is none.

The great teacher waits, watching, protecting, blessing. Tears come to my eyes to think of this great presence with it's great overarching love, with me always.

So when we find ourselves feeling lost, expressing unconscious behaviors, pressed down by karma and lack of wisdom, know that we are on the most precious possible journey...and keep on. The great light is there...waiting.

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