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GPS...God positioning system

I made a request last night upon sleeping time, for guidance as appropriate. I know I am most blessed with many holy beings who guide me, I do not always hear them. Sleep seems a good time to relax the barriers and let guidance just happen. That doesn't always happen either, but it did last night.

I woke up about 5, having had a long, anxiety filled, very specific dream about being lost somewhere while driving. I kept trying to use the GPS in my car, and it malfunctioned at every level, either giving me wrong directions, or weird Japanese style cartoon characters. I remember thinking," I think I know where I am, but I just can't get this machine to work." I acknowledged that and went right back to sleep. I then had a dream about driving my Fedex truck (that is so recurring that it almost doesn't bear mention) but this time with a friend who was helping me. As before, we were continually lost and the GPS did the exact same thing, either not functioning at all or giving strange symbolic figures.

OK then! What's the guidance here? Pretty self-evident, that if we want guidance that we can count on it will come from within, from our good angels and guides, and from our own highest Divine self that does truly know the way. For those of us who follow our beloved teacher, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, it is to fully trust his teachings and leading and know that it comes from the heart of love. The outer world of yin and yang, karma and illusion will never guide you correctly. Nor will your mind or ego. When you fully trust the Divine that it is within you, you can fling yourself out in abandon and say "Yes! yes to however I am led."