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I often receive guidance and messages when I am meditating in the morning.  Guan Yin speaks to me regularly. It's often something that nourishes me through the day.

I bless that it might nourish you as well!  

Kristin Strachan

Yesterday at 8:28 AM ·

Guidance from Yogananda this morning. “you resolve self-love and worthiness issues by understanding that there is no one more than you or less than you. There are different levels of consciousness that is all. Think of the lifetime of a rock, millions of years wearing different outfits of trees, vegetation, ice, or bare. It is still a rock. Be the rock, not it’s coverings. You are an expression of infinite divine consciousness whose essence is Love. That is all“

Guidance from the Buddha this morning.

"Let Peace be your word of the day today.  If you have peace, nothing can bother you."