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Soul Healing with Kristin


        True rejuvenation is an                                inside job.


You can take supplements, apply creams and serums, exercise your little foot off, but in the end it's all an inside job.

All of that can be helpful, but the hard truth is that aging is a reality here in the mortal world, and if we want to serve long in these bodies we will need to take steps to slow, stop, and even reverse that process.

It is possible to address hormonal depletion and other factors that create loss of muscle mass, skin aging, hydration, nutrition assimilation, bone and joint difficulties in another way.

I believe that with a combination of physical and spiritual practices and teachings specific to these issues that we can make a real difference in our lives and bodies.

I offer an open-ended series of Vitality and Joy sessions once a week with teachings, practices, interaction, and homework so that we all can rejuvenate together. Let's take before pictures, so that in a few months we can look back and say, wow! Look at that! I am stronger, fuller, younger, even more beautiful than I was before in my life.

These teachings and activities will be based on Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong principles, Tao Calligraphy, and the wisdom of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. This man is a teacher, healer, and spiritual Master and artist of immense love and light.  I am most blessed and thankful.

This program is just beginning, if you are interested please email me at, or respond to the "visit us" page of this website and I'll get right back to you!

There will be a modest fee for each session, with a lower cost option package of 4 sessions.
I will offer the possibility of a Tao Hands Blessing or a Kuan Yin Crown Chakra Blessing to further boost your rejuvenation journey at a different fee schedule.  Thank you.

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