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Guan Yin

Guan Yin in known throughout the world as the Bodhisattva of Compassion. The teaching that I have received is that Guan Yin is in truth a fully realized Buddha, but due to her great humility and heart's desire to serve, she retains the title of Bodhisattva, a being that has turned back from the gates of Nirvana to remain on the earth until all beings are freed from suffering.

My understanding is that there are a large number of incarnations of Guan Yin, that this a being of spiritual standing and enormity past most of us to understand. Here are the 33 recognized incarnations of Guan Yin.

33 Incarnations of Guan Yin

Namo Yang Liu Kuan Yin

Namo Yuan Kuang Kuan Yin

Namo Long Tou Kuan Yin

Namo Chi Jing Kuan Yin

more on the way!

Above the Clouds

I give deep and humble thanks to our beloved Teacher, Master Zhi Gang Sha for making this all possible. Thank you.

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