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Kuan Yin Speaks. It's time for the world to meet the great Master Healer

"​Hello! This is Kuan Yin. Today I will hand the reins over to the being through whom these teachings flow. People love stories, and relate through firsthand experiences of others, so I will encourage her to do that.

O​f course I know of Master Zhi Gang Sha, and he has known me since he was a very young child. He is an extraordinary being of immense gifts and a completely open heart. If ever this planet was in need of such a light being, this is surely the time. As Master Sha tells us, difficult times create heros. He is certainly one of these, exemplifying the hero condition of selfless service, courage and inner beauty.


M​y name, as most of you know, is Kristin, and I have been honored to offer these guidance writings for some time now.

T​he truth is that I would not be alive on this planet right now if not for Master Sha. He has saved my life repeatedly with his love and blessing power.

W​hen I met Master Sha in 2011, I thought I knew about the spiritual journey, and had an entirely erroneous and inflated concept of myself and the world around me. Frankly, I was an overbearing, opinionated, complaining and impatient sort of person. It has been my observation that most people who do well on the spiritual journey still get to be who they are, that is not lost, but have lost the mortal dream state persona that can be so difficult to deal with. I hope I have transformed most of that unappealing persona. I feel that my true nature has bloomed more and more into being, and I am very thankful for that!

I​'m not going to tell you that Master Sha waved his hand, and I was magically enlightened and purified, though he has done much to bless me toward that state. It has been a process of sometimes seemingly endless grinding away the old calcified habits of thought and karmic blockages that so greatly hinder most humans. New habits of spiritual practice and service have emerged in a wonderful way though.


T​here have been magical moments yes, of almost instantaneous healing of a heart condition, the lifting of darkness when I have received enlightenment blessings, and the often gradual feeling of a slow sunrise of increasing awareness and love.


A little more than two years ago I was mauled by a pit bull dog while on my Fedex route. I sustained the worst injuries on my right hand and wrist, including loss of tissue and a broken bone. I did all my spiritual practices and received many blessings. I happened to be in an on-line retreat with Master Sha and a large group of students when I found out the far-reaching love and perception of my teacher. The doctors all along said their main concern was infection with this injury. Everything seemed fine to me, it was healing well. I was entirely surprised to hear my name called to receive what is called a demo blessing from Master Sha, where he would trace a sacred Tao Calligraphy for me. After he had given the blessing, one of the master teachers gave a reading of how the power of the Calligraphy had saved me from a potentially very dangerous blood infection! He knows his beloved students, and he knew what was going on with me. It also blessed me with not having to experience a serious disease and possible stroke. There is no way to be thankful enough.

T​hrough Master Sha's offerings and teachings I have not only survived but now thrive through a vigorous spiritual and service practice. I have learned deep and profound truths that have changed the trajectory of my journey in a radical way. My family have been blessed likewise with healing, one grandchild was healing of suicidal ideation and depression, my husband also received a life-saving heart blessing from Master Sha that brought him back from the brink right before my eyes. Our dear dogs have benefited greatly, from healing of excruciating neck and back pain, an enlarged heart, and other challenges.


M​aster Sha's teachings on the great Buddha beings has enabled me to be of spiritual aid during the passing of my mother and also our most recent loss of a loved companion dog. I have learned that it is so empowering to be doing something palpable and real while a loved being makes their transition. It really transcends and transforms grief, if allowed.

I could go on. What I want to say is that what Master Sha is offering now really can shift the negative flow of what is taking place on this planet. His healing power and blessings, and teaching us to heal ourselves and others bring so much light. Like Jesus, who said,

"​What I do, so shall ye do."

M​aster Sha guides us all to be teachers and healers. Isn't that the most authentic legacy?

T​here is an emerging urgency to bring this light and love to as many people as possible, so I will post a link to events that are taking place that are xtremely affordable, and you can taste the pear, as he says. If it resonates there are endless possibilities to explore through Master Sha's books, retreats, and training programs of all kinds. Have a look, so much of what he offers is free! Some things carry what are called honor fees, which is fair. We spend Heaven's virtue, why not give some back?

L​ove and blessings to you all. We can do this! We have to do this. Time is short as Kuan Yin has so often said, and fence sitting is not possible anymore.

C​ome and taste the pear.

I will continue to share what Kuan Yin guides me to share. It is my great joy.


K​ristin Strachan, student of Master Zhi Gang Sha, Kuan Yin Lineage Holder, teacher and spiritual practitioner in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. I am blessed past comprehension. Thank you my spiritual father, Master Sha.


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