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Guan Yin speaks. They WANT you to do well.

“Good morning! This is Guan Yin speaking.

Today we will start with a story from the being through whom these writings flow.


“3 decades or so ago, I was pretty much at my peak of vocal ability and stage craft. I decided to participate in the local Metropolitan Opera audition process, time was marching along and there is an age limit.


I prepared and memorized 5 arias in different languages and from different composers. I was as ready as I was going to get.


I have suffered all my life from a nearly crippling stage fright, which greatly hampers one’s performing abilities. The voice is not improved by shaking knees and Minnie Mouse suddenly taking over the vocal cords, adrenalin is not the singer’s friend. I have company, many first-rate and famous singers struggle with this as well. You just find a way over or around it.


It is not uncommon for auditioners to feel adversarial and fearful about the judges, assuming that they are going to take you to pieces and criticize every flaw. On day 2 of the auditions the person who was running the whole event spoke to us as a group and told us,


“The judges WANT you to do well. They are looking for excellence, for disciplined, talented singers. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have some of that. Don’t assume that they want to criticize and hurt you. They are rooting for you in their way. Some of you will go on, and others will not. That is the way of theater, and of life.”


That was a big shift for me, it helped my nervousness a lot, and that little talk has stayed with me over the years. We often make assumptions about people and situations that harm no one but ourselves. I am thankful for the experience, even though I did not go through to the next round. I can say I did it, and gave it my best.”


Can you see where I might be going here? You are on an amazing spiritual journey. Do you sometimes feel that the Divine beings that you yourself have invoked are looking down on you in some way, judging? Criticizing? That you are somehow not enough? Like the judges in the auditions mentioned above, your teachers are often hidden from your view.


It is important that you elevate your perception of these beings of light who love you unconditionally, and want to help you. They WANT you to do well. Humans mostly do not understand unconditional love, it’s not an intrinsic part of the dreamscape. But that great Divine Love enables the holy ones to see you as you cannot see yourselves, at least yet. Go “Into your closet”, as dear Jesus said, and ask your primary Saint or Buddha,

“How do you see me, really?”


Listen. Don’t allow the mind to make things up. The ego loves to interject what it thinks you want to hear. In that deep stillness, ask the question.

What do you hear? Maybe nothing, only a Buddha smile, or a nod. Maybe a picture of yourself as shimmering, pure and perfect light. It is entirely individual, but it will be beautiful, and authentic. Can you carry that vision with you?

It is not prideful, if it is authentic. Go forth with that self vision of beauty and light in true humility. Isn’t that a better way to serve and bless, than seeing yourself as an aging body, drudging along the best you can, hoping for the best? In truth, you are already the best in some way.


You are starlight dreaming.

That is all. I love you.”


This teaching was flowed through Kristin Strachan, Guan Yin Lineage Holder, teacher, student of Master Zhi Gang Sha, and spiritual practitioner in Colorado.


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