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Guan Yin Speaks. Custody of the eyes

“So the real question is, how many ways do I let what I see interrupt my view of heaven?”

Molly Jo Rose

Quote from an article in U.S. Catholic magazine.

“Greetings! This is Guan Yin Speaking.

The quote above, found on the internet by the being that channels these teachings, is so pure in it’s intention, that almost nothing else needs to be said. Of course there’s always something.

Custody of the eyes, or Custodia occulorum, is a practice with a long history in Catholicism and various forms of spiritual discipline. It shows up in Buddhism too, carrying the belief that seeing polluted things pollutes the heart.


The old adage,

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

is powerful advice if you want a clear path to walk on in your spiritual journey. Add,

Think no evil

to that statement. Maybe most of all, think no evil. It sets up the environment of the mind to create more negativity, harmful thoughts and actions.

What do you allow your eyes to see, and how can you avoid distressing and polluted sights?

For one thing, if you must watch television, choose so very carefully. If you watch the news, you are often presented with a continuous flow of fascinating scenes of violence and mayhem, riots, murders, injustice and tales of sexual misbehavior. These imprint themselves on your mind and heart. You might say


“Well I need to know what’s going on in the world, don’t I?”


Not really, unless the flood waters are lapping at your door, or war has broken out in your city. What can you do about it? What do you think you are doing to heal or bless a bad situation, when you are agreeing with its basic premise? Much better to practice custody of the eyes and ears, and do what you do in your spiritual practice, pray, chant, look at a picture of a holy being, choose the higher road in every situation. You accomplish much more by a disciplined practice of purity and light, than aligning with the mortal dream movie.


When I say fascinating, I mean the word to indicate something that so captivates the eye and mind that it is difficult to draw attention away. It is the human construct to be drawn to something that is out of the norm of everyday sameness, some awful bloodletting or political outrage, and watch it. These things do not serve you. Find something else, something with higher frequency and light to rest your eyes and attention on.

If you must look, taken unawares possibly, then simply observe without emotional engagement, and return your eyes to your own inner light if nothing else. Like anything worthwhile, it requires practice.

Spend some time really seeing what you are looking at. In the discipline of the healing modality of Reiki, there is a teaching that much psychic energy is wasted through unmindful seeing. Your eyes and vision have great power to direct energy and light. It is possible to waste valuable spiritual capital by seeing in an unconscious way. Your inner vision is what is real anyway, why not bring it to your outer seeing?

The being that takes this dictation has experienced some frustration in hearing the instruction

“See through”

often in meditation guidance.

It’s a little bit like learning to ride a bicycle, you can’t know how to do it until you do it, and then you will not forget how to do that.

We learn to see through the outer illusion by seeing with the higher vision of the Yuan Shen, or immortal perfect self. You can certainly invite this oversoul self to assist you, in fact you would be best served to give that High Soul the keys and let it drive in all situations of life. You know in your heart that your God Self knows more than you do, allow it in all things.

Remember the old psychological adjunct,

“Act as if…”?


There is a lot of power there, if used wisely.

Act as if you CAN see through. As if everything was made of light and energy, which it is, and that you can see through it. Don’t focus sharply, but soften your vision, and practice. Don’t look at any one thing, just all things, and see light. Pretend if you must, but this will lead to a gentle awakening of true vision.

Do you have an altar? Practice there. Gaze is a good word, just quietly resting the eyes on a holy picture, statue, candle or flower. Slow or stop blinking. Quiet wins the day. Beloved teacher Master Sha has taught that looking at a sacred Calligraphy with this unblinking soft gaze can open the third eye.

It is all right to shield your precious eyes. It is possible to become inured to the suffering of the world. After that comes indifference which is one of the biggest errors. Understand that there is suffering, that is the nature of the yin yang world. You cannot alleviate suffering by agreeing with it, only transcending it.

Custody, not only of the eyes, but of the heart.

That is all. I love you.”

This teaching was flowed through Kristin Strachan, Guan Yin Lineage holder, student of Master Zhi Gang Sha, and spiritual practitioner in Colorado.

I am deeply thankful.


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