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If you want me to drive...relinquish the wheel

My dear teacher and spiritual father, Master Zhi Gang Sha, teaches that we have two souls. One is called the Yuan Shen, our immortal Divine self soul, and the Shi Shen, which is our soul that incarnates over and over.

I try my best to be still and listen for the voice of my Yuan Shen, which is one with all that is and has a pretty good handle on what is best for me. Like most people, my thinking mind jumps right in there very helpfully, and says what it thinks the Yuan Shen is trying to communicate before it has a chance to.

This communication can't be rushed, but the human mind doesn't like the quiet very much, and rushes in to fill the gap. It is this gap, this silence between thoughts, is where all the goodies are, the ideas, the power, solutions, the simple magic of being in the moment now. As our good old friend Ram Dass said,

"Be here now." There really is no where else to be.

Today I took a walk with my dogs, and set my intention to really be still in walking meditation and hear the guidance of my soul.

This is what it had to say today.