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I stand in pouring light

The last thing I say in my mind before I walk in to my place of work is, "Divine, please help me remember that I walk in pouring light, as light, in pouring love, as love." This started with standing in front of the mirror brushing my teeth. A voice came into my head that said, "You stand in pouring light."

It was such a clear statement from heaven, or my immortal soul, or some guiding holy being that I have held it in my heart since then.

In meditation I have had a vision of this light surrounding and pouring through beloved Guan Yin, Amitaba Buddha, Master Sha, Da Shi Zhi Pusa and more. It is a living thing, this light, and sometimes feels so dense as to not be light at all. It moves and falls and shimmers in shafts and streamers of all possible colors of light. In our outer experience it is not easy to keep this vision, unless you are a more advanced soul than I, but I try.

I remember vividly being at a Master Sha retreat some years ago, and having my first real light experience. I believe it was Master Peter giving a teaching. All of a sudden my eyes went very wide and the whole stage and the beings on it were flooded with an almost blinding gold and white light. I think my friend sitting next to me probably had bruises where I grabbed her leg, just to have something solid to hold on to as I swam in the light. I looked at the Tao Calligraphies at the back of the stage, and the characters appeared to be moving, and this sentient, pushing, gorgeous light pouring out of them.

There is a quote from a wonderful book called "Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood" that states,

"Light, light, ever more and more light." I believe that we are all capable of embodying and expressing this Divine light that is the truth of our being. We are dreaming this hard dark shell that seems to be our body.

Just relax and invite this flow of Divine Radiance. When you least expect it, ahhhhhh. LIght.

You stand in pouring light. Could there be a more comforting, noble, eternal and astounding testament to the truth of our being?

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